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NYC Theater Reviews | Show Score
Show-Score simply and clearly organizes the information you need to discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you.
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13 days ago by csaper
Book of Mormon musical
Supposedly hella funny and good. Look into this.
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16 days ago by snapsocialguru
A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder in Four Minutes
Staged advertisement for the musical, performed by the original cast. (vid 4mins)
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10 weeks ago by thetazzaful
THE LURE, el debut de la cineasta polaca , un 🎵 de 😱 ótico🛏se proyecta en el…
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december 2017 by deckard67
Musical Minimalism | City Pages
Review of Most Happy Fella from 2001. We were at the show.
theater  tenthousandthings  musical  drama  2001 
october 2017 by pfhyper
Reliquary: Elton John - Lestat Demos (Outtakes & Demos) [SBD]
Elton John
'Lestat Demos'
(2005 BS Recordings)
Studio Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3 
ªª ºº
'Lestat' is the first Broadway musical that Elton John and Bernie Taupin have written together, it is based upon Anne Rice's "Vampire Lestat" series. This album features the demos that Elton did for the project, they are produced by Guy Babylon.
Track Listing and NFO:
Song Lyrics -
music  demo  SBD  vampires  musical  2000s 
october 2017 by rgl7194
Happy 250 shows tonight of West Side! It's been a long and crazy ride. 3.5 months left!
westsidestory  musical  from twitter_favs
september 2017 by topgold

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