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Ask us how it feels... LOOKING LIKE HELL ON WHEELS - YouTube
HEATHERS: The Musical
Published on Aug 24, 2018
A special treat for this #BigFunFriday… NEW FOOTAGE from #HeathersUK.
You’re welcome, town.
(thanks to Umbrella Rooms for our incredible trailer xo)
80s  heathers  musical  teenager  theatre  uk  youtube 
16 days ago by rgl7194
West End LIVE 2018: Heathers the Musical - YouTube
Published on Jun 17, 2018
How VERY! Carrie Hope Fletcher and the cast of Heathers are KILL 👏ING 👏 IT 👏 in Trafalgar Square at West End LIVE 2018! For theatre tickets and the latest news visit
80s  heathers  musical  teenager  theatre  trailer  uk  youtube 
16 days ago by rgl7194
Heathers The Musical - Theatre Royal Haymarket, London on Vimeo
From dark and traumatic to hilariously camp, Heathers is a heartfelt, yet homicidal new musical based on the 80s cult teen comedy starring Winona Ryder (Stranger Things) and Christian Slater (Mr Robot).
This iconic dark teen comedy is brought to you by the award-winning creative team of Kevin Murphy (Desperate Housewives), Laurence O’Keefe (Legally Blonde) and Andy Fickman (Reefer Madness).
With its moving love story, laugh-out-loud comedy, and unflinching look at the joys and anguish of high school, Heathers will be London’s most popular new musical. Are you in, or are you out?
heathers  musical  theatre  80s  uk  trailer  teenager 
16 days ago by rgl7194
RELIQUARY: Elton John - Lestat Demos [SBD]
Elton John
'Lestat Demos'
(2005 BS Recordings)
Studio Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
'Lestat' is the first Broadway musical that Elton John and Bernie Taupin have written together, it is based upon Anne Rice's "Vampire Lestat" series. This album features the demos that Elton did for the project, they are produced by Guy Babylon.
Track Listing and NFO:
Song Lyrics -
music  demo  musical  vampires  bootlegs  SBD  download 
17 days ago by rgl7194
Ever After The Musical
Better than expected as I expected it to be cheesy but it was pretty funny with the dialogue, the prince and the Bohemians. Sierra Boggess has an amazing voice and made all her numbers seem effortless. Rapid scene changes were impressive and better than most Broadway plays I've seen. Based on a movie by the same name
done-at: 02-13-2019
rating: 7
comedy  musical 
4 weeks ago by cldwalker
Why 'Ring of Keys' Was the One Song Fun Home's Creator Didn't Want to Write | Playbill
Kron remembers saying, "I don't think this is a good idea. I think it's a set up for a reaction that we don't want."
media  sexuality  lesbian  lgbt  musical  fun_home 
8 weeks ago by krannon

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