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Does the Surprise Album Release Still Work?
For independent artists and record labels, which never participated in pre–file sharing and pre-streaming major-label excesses to begin with, this year reaffirmed the importance of playing the long game. “Streaming means that we’re not getting the sales that we used to get the week of release or the first three or six months of release, but that those sales or streams or equivalent units are stretched over the first two, three, four, five years,” says Matt Harmon, U.S. president of Beggars Group, which includes Radiohead’s current label XL. He cites Philadelphia slack-rock torchbearer Kurt Vile as a case study in strategy: Matador rented a house in upstate New York for Vile and some friends to play music, and record video and acoustic and electric sessions for content that will be rolled out beyond the campaign for his 2018 album, Bottle It In. Think of it as a cache for the endless cold winter of the music industry.
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19 days ago by general_zubon
Careers in music |
Whether your interest lies in creative, business or technical roles there are careers in music to fit all aspirations. Discover how to break into this popular field
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august 2018 by mu-sick
Qrates is a new music platform for vinyls. Integrated with download, streaming and other digital solutions, artists/labels can make a best use of the platform to promote and sell their music contents. Qrates also offers an unique “Funding System” where the vinyl pressing fee can be collected from the fans before the manufacturing process, reducing the costs and risks that the artists/labels need to face. Vinyl can be pressed from a minimum of 100 copies. From designing the vinyl to ordering and selling it, Qrates offers an one stop platform for the best vinyl business solution.
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july 2018 by mu-sick
Music’s ‘Moneyball’ moment: why data is the new talent scout | Financial Times
JULY 5, 2018 | FT | Michael Hann.

The music industry loves to self-mythologise. It especially loves to mythologise about taking young scrappers from the streets and turning them into stars. It celebrates the men and women — but usually the men — with “golden ears” almost as much as the people making the music....A&R, or “artists and repertoire”, are the people who look for new talent, convince that talent to sign to the record label and then nurture it: advising on songs, on producers, on how to go about the job of being a pop star. It’s the R&D arm of the music industry......What the music business doesn’t like to shout about is how inefficient its R&D process is. The annual global spend on A&R is $2.8bn....and all that buys is the probability of failure: “Some labels estimate the ratio of commercial success to failure as 1 in 4; others consider the chances to be much lower — less than 1 in 10,” observes its 2017 report. Or as Mixmag magazine’s columnist The Secret DJ put it: “Major labels call themselves a business but are insanely unprofitable, utterly uncertain, totally rudderless and completely ignorant.”......The rise of digital music brought with it a huge amount of data which, industry executives realized, could be turned to their advantage. ....“All our business units must now leverage data and analytics in innovative ways to dig deeper than ever for new talent. The modern day talent-spotter must have both an artistic ear and analytical eyes.”

Earlier this year, in the same week as Warner announced its acquisition of Sodatone, a company that has developed a tool for talent-spotting via data, another data company, Instrumental, secured $4.2m of funding. The industry appeared to have reached a tipping point — what the website Music Ally called “A&R’s data moment”. Which is why, wherever the music industry’s great and good gather, the word “moneyball” has become increasingly prevalent.
........YouTube, Spotify, Instagram were born and changed the way talent begins its journey. All the barriers came down. Suddenly you’ve got tens of thousands of pieces of music content being uploaded.......Home computing’s democratization of recording removed the barriers to making high-quality music. No longer did you need access to a studio and an experienced producer, plus the money to pay for them. But the music industry had no way to keep abreast of these new creators. “....The way A&R people have discovered talent has barely changed since the music industry began, and it’s fundamentally the same for indie labels, who put artistry above sales, as it is for major labels who have to answer to shareholders. It’s always been about information.....“We find them by listening to new music constantly, by people giving us tips, by going out and seeing things that sound interesting,”.....“The most useful people to talk to are concert promoters and booking agents. They are least inclined to bullshit; they’ll tell you how many people an act is drawing,” labels, publishers also have an A&R function, signing up songwriters, many of whom will also be in bands)....“Journalists and radio producers are [also] very useful people to give you information. If you know you’ve got particular DJs or particular writers who are going to pick up something, that’s really good.”
.......Instrumental’s selling point is a dashboard called Talent AI, which scrapes data from Spotify playlists with more than 10,000 followers.....“We took a view that to build momentum on Spotify, you need to be on playlists,”....“If no one knows who you are, no one’s going to suddenly start streaming a track you’ve just put up. It happens when you start getting included on playlists.”......To make it workable, the Talent AI dashboard enables users to apply a series of filters to either tracks or artists: to sort by nationality, by genre, by number of playlists they appear on, by the number of playlist subscribers, by their industry standing — are they signed to a major? To an independent label? Are they unsigned?
.......What A&R people are looking for, though, is not totals, it’s evidence of momentum. No one wants to sign the artist who has reached maximum popularity. They want the artist on the way up....“It’s the direction. Is it going in the right direction?”....when it comes to assessing what an artist can offer, the data isn’t even always about the numbers. “The one I look at the most is Instagram, because that’s the easiest way for an artist to express themselves in a way other than the music — how they look, what they’re into,” she says. “That gives a real snapshot into [them] and whether they really have formulated a world for themselves or not.”......not everyone is delighted with the drive to data. “[the advent of] Spotify...became the driving force for signings...“A&Rs were using their eyes rather than their ears — watching numbers change rather than listening to music, and then jumping on acts....they saw something happening and got it out quickly without having to invest in the traditional A&R process.”... online heat tends to be generated by transient teenage audiences who are likely to move on rather than stick around for a decade: online presence is a big thing in electronic dance music, or some branches of urban music, in which an artist might only be good for a single song. In short, data does not measure quality; it does not tell you whether an artist has 20 good songs that can be turned into their first two albums; it does not tell you whether they can command a crowd in live performance..........The music industry, of course, has always had an issue with short-termism/short-sightedness: [tension] between the people who sign the cheques and those who go to bat for the artists is built into the way it works..........The problem is that without career artists, the music industry just becomes even more of a lottery. It is being made harder, not just by short-termism, but by the fact that music has become less culturally central. “It’s so much harder to connect with an audience or grow an audience, because there’s so much noise,”
.......Today the A&R...agree that the new data has its uses, but insist it still takes second place to the evidence of their own eyes and ears.......As for Withey, he is not about to tell the old-school scouts their days are done....Instrumental can tell A&R people which artists are hot, but not which are good. Also, there will be amazing acts who simply don’t get the traction on the internet to register on the Talent AI dashboard.....All of which will come as a relief to the people running those A&R departments. .....when asked if data will become the single most important factor in scouting talent: “I hope not. Otherwise we may as well have robots.” For now, at least, the golden ears are safe.
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july 2018 by jerryking
Finding copyright-friendly resources for media projects - Research Guides
A guide to open- or royalty-free licensed music, images, and video, maintained by the William & Mary Libraries.
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june 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
How the Music Industry Messed Up Legal Streaming the First Time Around - Motherboard
Lessons from the music industry’s initial consumer-hostile reaction to the Napster saga. Going from $16 CDs to unlimited streaming is really hard.
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may 2018 by GameGamer43
Entertainment ID (Requires Harvard Key)
Music sales/chart rankings from over 74 countries, including all Billboard charts, Offical Chart Company (UK), and streaming statistics from Apple and Spotify. Also includes data on historical film box office and media sales and rankings from Nielsen.
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april 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: Library and Archives
The Library and Archives of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "collects materials relating to the history of rock and roll and related music genres, including blues, R&B, country, gospel, soul, and hip hop; Hall of Fame inductees and other significant artists; and relevant subjects such as the music business and music criticism."
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The Offical Charts Company
Music and video charts for the United Kingdom; a product of the trade associations BPI (The British Recorded Music Industry) and ERA (Entertainment Retailers Association).
Europe  United_Kingdom  charts  music_industry  popular_music  sound_recordings  statistics  database 
april 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
Nineteenth Century Collections Online: British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture (Requires Harvard Key)
Primary sources - playbills and annotated programs, scripts, scores, manuscripts, correspondence, meeting minutes, and financial records - related to the arts in the Victorian era. Among the collections included are records from the Crystal Palace, Drury Lane, King's Theatre Haymarket, Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Philharmonic, Queen's Hall, St. James Hall, and George Smart's concert and oratorio series.
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april 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
The Joe Smith Collection at the Library of Congress
While president of Capitol Records/EMI in the 1980s, Joe Smith recorded 238 hours of interviews with over 200 musicians, producers, and music executives, documenting oral histories of popular music. Streaming audio of the unedited interviews will be added to this site as the original tapes are digitized.
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League of American Orchestras
An advocacy organization representing nearly 900 North American orchestras. The League maintains an online reference library of white papers on music business, as well as statistics on audience demographics, detailed orchestral repertoire reports, and financial data (some available to member orchestras only).
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Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive (Requires Harvard Key)
A full-text resource for the study of the film and entertainment industries, from the era of vaudeville and silent movies to 2000. The collection includes US and UK trade magazines covering film, music, broadcasting, and theater, film fan magazines, and popular music magazines. Indexing includes not only articles and reviews, but covers and advertisements. Representative titles include Variety, Billboard, Broadcasting, The Stage, American Film, and Picturegoer.
article_index  ejournal  20th_century  United_Kingdom  United_States  articles  film  jazz  music_industry  musical_theatre  performing_arts  popular_music  radio  reviews  rock_music  television  theatre  database  full_text 
february 2018 by HarvardMusicLib

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