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Oidorno - Oiverräter (Official Video)

Oidorno - Oi! The EP (26.04.2018) Digital / Vinyl 7"
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<iframe style="border: 0; width: 400px; height: 307px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Oi! the EP by Oidorno</a></iframe>

Sind Oidorno eine begabte Band? Nein! Aber wenigstens geben sie sich Mühe und versuchen, aus jedem Konzert das Beste herauszuholen? Auch nein! Trotzdem begeisterten sie mit ihren nachdenklichen Texten ("Halt die Fresse, ich will saufen") und musikalischer Vielseitigkeit (drei Akkorde) in den letzten Monaten bereits hunderte KunstliebhaberInnen auf Konzerten in Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover und anderswo. Sky is the limit - und so ist jedes Oidorno-Konzert nicht nur ein einzigartiges Live-Erlebnis, sondern auch eine Challenge: Kann das Publikum betrunkener sein als die Band? (Auch hier: meistens nein). Jetzt liegen die ersten Aufnahmen vor ( und das Attribut „Meisterwerk“ war seltener angebracht als hier. Sagen zumindest jene, die es wissen müssen: Die Band selber. Adorno hätte die Bullen gerufen.

27.04. Hamburg - Rote Flora
30.04. Kiel - Alte Mu
04.05. Hannover (Infos folgen)
05.05. Göttingen - 05 Jahre FanRaum
10.05. Hamburg - Jolly Roger-Bühne 12.45 Uhr
01.06. Hamburg - Meschenzoo
23.06. Potsdam - Ultrash-Warmup in Potsdam
14.07. Hamburg - Hafenklang 125 Jahre Altona 93
29.07. Off The Radar Festival 2018

Nina Fischer (Illustration)

Schraube (
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36 minutes ago by walt74
Oneohtrix Point Never - Black Snow

'Black Snow', taken from Oneohtrix Point Never’s new album 'Age Of', out 1 June on Warp.
Video directed by Daniel Lopatin.


Pre-order ‘Age Of’
LP/CD + Tshirt Bundle:

Director: Daniel Lopatin
Designer: Griffin Frazen
Producer: Jess Lowe
Director of Photography: Eric Yue
Art Director: Emily Schubert
Movement Director: Madeline Hollander
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38 minutes ago by walt74
Cullen Omori - Four Years [LYRIC VIDEO]

"Four Years" New digital single from Cullen Omori
Available now

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Four Years by Cullen Omori</a></iframe>

Director: Sarah Strunin

LYRICS // Four Years

The girl is back, takes a drag off her cigarette
Clothes on her back, she’ll shrug you off with just one laugh

And she’s so calm
And she’s so calm
And her indifference could burn the whole place down

You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it, but I usually forget
You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it, but I usually forget

The boy is left, trying to sort through all the mess
Became so attached to feeling like a piece of trash

And he’s so numb
And he’s so numb
And his indifference could burn the whole place down

You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it, but I usually forget
You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it, but I usually forget

And even when the dogs don’t bark coming in at three o’clock
Do you want me?
Or is it funny to ya?
Oh My

You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it
You do so many things, You do so many things
And I love you for it, but I usually forget
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50 minutes ago by walt74
Snail Mail - "Heat Wave" (Official Video)

From Snail Mail's debut album 'Lush' out June 8th on Matador Records. Available for pre-order:
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55 minutes ago by walt74 is a curated library of free music for content creators. We focus on (until algorithms can do it better than Martin) carefully handpicking every resource that is published.
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1 hour ago by doglord
Autechrismo applicato | Not
Con le otto ore di NTS Sessions 1-4, gli Autechre segnano una nuova vetta nel loro programma algoritmico-postumano. Ma come decifrare la lingua del più grande duo elettronico degli ultimi venticinque anni?
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3 hours ago by thx1138
Open NSynth Super
Open NSynth Super is an experimental physical interface for the NSynth algorithm
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4 hours ago by nccollignon
Canadian indie-rock with some horns and funk
music  band 
5 hours ago by theonetruestickman

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