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The Color of Sound - Pitch-to-Color Calculator is an Encyclopedia for the Native American flute.
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1 hour ago by mu-sick
Breakcore: Identity and Interaction on Peer-to-Peer by Andrew Whelan
Peer-to-peer music exchange, sampling, and digital distribution have garnered much attention in recent years, notably in debates about authorship, intellectual property, media control, and ‘Web 2’. However, empirical scholarship on how these technologies are used creatively by musicians and fans is still sparse. In this interdisciplinary ethnography of ‘bedroom producer’ culture, Andrew Whelan examines interaction and exchange within a specific online milieu: peer-to-peer chatrooms dedicated to electronic music, focusing on a genre known as ‘breakcore’.
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2 hours ago by mikael
Angèle makes fun of the social networks in her latest music video
This new video for her track « La Thune » talk about the links between money and social networks, especially among musicians: « you can quickly do things unethical to make money. As in music by the way, by making shit you can easily make money, it’s something that scares me a lot – it’s by thinking about that particular that I wrote this song. » The title that dissects the perverse side of the race to likes, and self-obsession.
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5 hours ago by mikael
«Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller.
It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.
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9 hours ago by squishyrobot
Prince: A Photographer On Touring With the ‘Purple One’ | Getty Images FOTO
Larry Busacca reveals the late, great artist’s favorite photo...of himself.
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