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When Forever Comes Crashing: A Full History of Converge
blood moon, pound for pound wolverine blues, early covers
yesterday by hausken
On "Oh, Susanna!"
golden close reading of Oh, Susanna!
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yesterday by madamim
The Quietus | Features | Escape Velocity | Connections Made: An Interview With Anna Meredith
Yeah, it's a slightly strange place to grow up, South Queensferry – in that your postcode's Edinburgh, I went to school in Edinburgh, most of my mates lived in central Edinburgh, and I went to orchestras and music groups every night there after school – but I spent most of my teenage years wishing we actually lived in the city. I feel like I spent half my life back then on incredibly infrequent buses. There was this amazing bus that used to go back and forth late from the city centre, it was called the Night Reveller – isn't that a great name for a bus? You had this kind of Sophie's choice between either a bus at quarter past midnight and then there was nothing till quarter to three. So you'd just be sat there, on Waverley Bridge, in your tiny little sparkly dress, waiting and waiting for the Night Reveller. Or the Night Hawk, that was another one. They were always like the seventh circle of hell, those buses, with everyone being sick, winding through all the little rural villages out of the city
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yesterday by Vincennes

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