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Radio Free America - Show
3 hour Jarman/Fielder tribute Jan 20, available here after for a couple weeks
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3 hours ago by chyde
Why these sea slugs look so much like David Bowie | PBS NewsHour
By drawing comparisons between sea slugs and Ziggy Stardust, the Bowiebranchia blog exposes the wild, beautiful and competitive evolution of both.
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5 hours ago by peterbehr
I migliori album del 2018 (7): Ry Cooder – The Prodigal Son (Fantasy) | Venerato Maestro Oppure
Affacciandosi sugli anni ’70 un Ry Cooder ventitreenne ma già con un cv impressionante (braccio destro di Captain Beefheart nel primo LP di costui e uno degli Stones in “Let It Bleed”, per limitarsi a due cosucce) debuttava con un 33 giri omonimo. Ormai sporto su altri anni settanta, i suoi (a metà marzo ne…
5 hours ago by thx1138
Verizon adding full Apple Music as free perk to some Unlimited phone plans - 9to5Mac
We have learned that Verizon is adding Apple Music to two of its ‘unlimited’ cell phone plans, effectively offering the $9.99 subscription for no additional cost — this is not merely a free trial offer. via Pocket
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5 hours ago by evansthompson
Pacemaker - Create music mixes & DJ with Spotify
“Pacemaker+ makes your mixes better and easier to share”
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5 hours ago by gdw

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