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Chester Beatty Digital Collections
'Explore online access to our remarkable treasures, through this searchable database of digitised artworks and manuscripts', from the Chester Beatty museum's collection. Licensing isn't fully open though -- 'Images and PDF's are provided for personal research and scholarship.'
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7 days ago by jm
Una grande retrospettiva dedicata a Gio Ponti, a Parigi - Icon Design
Tutto Ponti. Gio Ponti Archi-Designer. Questo il titolo della mostra-omaggio, in programma al Musée des Arts Décoratifs di Rue de Rivoli di Parigi, dedicata al grande maestro milanese del design e dell’architettura, certamente tra i più importanti del XX secolo.
architecture  design  exhibitions  paris  art  museums  gio_ponti 
12 days ago by navegador
A+D Museum
Our mission is to celebrate and promote an awareness of progressive architecture and design in everyday life.
architecture  design  museums  20th-century  21st-century  contemporary  aad-research 
13 days ago by dilibrary
An online museum for the vanishing sounds of the past -
Museums  sound  from twitter
15 days ago by rdr
[no title]
An online museum for the vanishing sounds of the past -
Museums  sound  from twitter
15 days ago by rdr

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