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There are (which are awesome), and then there are bucket list museums with which you’ve been fascinated si…
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12 days ago by electroponix
Starting from the Desert. Ecologies on the Edge - Announcements - e-flux
Nomadic Space and Rural Space is concerned with the interaction of the physical environment with forms of life. It proposes less the different natures of the two spatial types, than their reciprocal intersections. Labor-in-Nature and Nature-in-Labor focuses on forces of production(paid or unpaid)and on the relations of production (appropriation, exploitation, accumulation) linked to modern ideas of nature. The Voice and The Book intervenes at the level of mental ecology deconstructing the opposition between phonemes and graphemes, orality and writing, questioning the production and reproduction of knowledge. Minorities and Multiplicity discusses associations and the associative forms of living beings: from the micro-social to the institutional scale.
Nomadism  Museums 
13 days ago by didgebaba
British museums and looted treasures | Letters | Culture | The Guardian
I would be curious to know how many African museums hold British artefacts acquired against the wishes of their original owners.
Museums  collections  GLAM  culturalheritage 
14 days ago by miaridge
Museums in the Digital Age – IS289 | UCLA INFORMATION STUDIES
Most people associate museums with objects, whether they be works of art, fossilized bones, or PEZ dispensers. But objects (or images of objects) now proliferate widely in digital form. Now that we don’t have to check our coats or pay a fee to see images of rare artifacts, do the objects themselves still matter? Have museums lost some of their cultural authority? What have they, or we, gained? What is a museum’s purpose in the digital age?

We’ll investigate these questions in a distinctly hands-on series of encounters. This class takes a pragmatic look at various aspects of the museum profession today, while also giving us a chance to pause together to talk about what all this means for museums and their communities.
museums  decolonization  digital_archives  digital_collections  exhibition_design 
16 days ago by shannon_mattern
Sheila Hicks: My work is associated with sensuality - Interview Magazine
YI: Have you taken steps to ensure that your work is preserved, say, 100 years from now?

HICKS: Yes, but in a way, when a museum acquires it, it becomes their problem. Honestly, I don’t expect my work to survive 100 years. Let it perish if it’s perishable. It’s like an emotion. Can you preserve an emotion for 100 years?

YI: I completely agree. I don’t think all artwork should last 100 years. I don’t think it needs to. It’s more about the vulnerability of that moment. We should advocate for that kind of art as well. Maybe the function of a museum isn’t to preserve art until the end of time, but instead to allow for these more ephemeral moments.
art  archives  museums  curators  curation 
16 days ago by jdavis_ls

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