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How Instagram Is Changing Museums And The Way We Consume Art - Digg
One of the biggest changes museums have made in the past five years is their "no photography" policy.
instagram  museums 
4 hours ago by jorgebarba
Indigenous Archives Collective
Connecting people working with Indigenous knowledge sources in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums
indigenous  libraries  archives  museums  organizations 
6 days ago by jshhnn
Radiator Blog: "Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt" @ Victoria and Albert Museum
Great writeup of the V&A games show from Robert Yang, making me all the more excited to see it, and all the prouder of peers and friends.
games  exhibitions  designplaydisrupt  videogames  vanda  museums 
9 days ago by infovore
All are massively dedicated to learning, providing over 18 million instructional hours per year. Presenter…
museums  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by edsonm
Hear the sound of dead technology in the online museum Conserve the So
More museums are preserving old technology, but an online archive focuses on the sound it makes. Among the relics? Apple iBooks and Nintendo controllers.
sound  FastCompany  museums  Internet 
11 days ago by jorgebarba
Parking | de Young
Parking for cars and bicycles is available in the Music Concourse Garage, owned and operated by City Park. Access to the north entrance of the Music Concourse Garage is from Fulton St. at 10th Avenue. Access to the south entrance is at Concourse Drive and Martin Luther King Dr. inside the park. The Music Concourse Garage is open seven days a week from 7 am–7 pm year-round
museums  sanfrancisco 
11 days ago by raccoonnookkeeper

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