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RT : Another week, another 📽️! This time introducing distributed computing with topics like: ,…
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6 weeks ago by mshook
The Shiksa – Scenes From A Multiverse
Hi everyone! Just poking my head above water for a moment to share this with you. My friend Talia Lavin tweeted a joke so good I had to put everything aside to draw it. Thanks Talia for letting me draw your good joke! via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by eemorningwood
multiverse on Vimeo
A crowd moving in one direction.People who flow in a moment. A scene where the difference with other people disappears and looks uniform. There are many different kinds of life there. You can feel invisible energy when you see a large mass of individuals. I set myself in the streets of Taiwan, and I multilayered a lot of time to create a new timeline that reflects individuals. Director Hiroshi Kondo( Music & Sound Design Himuro Yoshiteru(
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11 weeks ago by jessedyck
GenZ – Scenes From A Multiverse
Not everyone has weighed in on the abortion ban yet. via Pocket
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12 weeks ago by eemorningwood
Woah. that is a bad word for Christians. Did you know that if you say multiverse, multiverse, mult…
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may 2019 by dyma
Mirrored Virtuality one of the most promising realms of the !
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february 2019 by bjp2aol
[1809.05128] Nuclear Processes in Other Universes: Varying the Strength of the Weak Force
Motivated by the possibility that the laws of physics could be different in other regions of space-time, we consider nuclear processes in universes where the weak interaction is either stronger or weaker than observed....

We then consider stellar structure and evolution for the different nuclear compositions resulting from BBN, a wide range of weak force strengths, and the full range of stellar masses for a given universe. We delineate the range of this parameter space that supports working stars, along with a determination of the dominant nuclear reactions over the different regimes....

Although stars in these universes are somewhat different, they have comparable surface temperatures, luminosities, radii, and lifetimes, so that a wide range of such universes remain potentially habitable.
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january 2019 by PeterErwin

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