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Split a window/split/pane/window in Eclipse
In order to have multiple windows/splits open of the same file in Eclipse (in the same Eclipse window)
- Open the file
- <Ctrl>_ . to split the current window horizontally
- or <Ctrl>{ to split the current window vertically
eclipse  split  pane  window  file  multiple  view  open  same  times  edit 
6 days ago by ebouchut
2 Quick Methods to Merge Multiple Tasks into a Single One in Your Outlook
Sometimes, you may need to merge multiple tasks into a single task. In the new task, the body contains all the bodies of all the source tasks and start date is the earliest date among all dates of the tasks and so on. Now, this article will teach you 2 ways.
Due  Date  Insert  Outlook  Items  Merge  Multiple  Tasks  VBA  pst  repair  Start  Task  Body 
6 days ago by DataNumen
Python: Append item to list N times - Stack Overflow
This would be the equivalent to PHP's array_fill method. Allows you to append to an existing array the same item n times.
stackoverflow  python  python2.7  howto  append  array  list  same  item  multiple  times  example  guide  reference 
7 days ago by racl101
How to Batch Assign a Task to Multiple Persons Separately in Your Outlook
For some reasons, such as confidentiality or privacy, when assigning a task to many persons, you may want to send separately. Now, here we will introduce a method to get it.
Assign  Task  Separately  to  Multiple  Persons  corrupt  Outlook  VBA 
9 days ago by DataNumen
How to Batch Open Multiple RSS Articles in Web Browser with Outlook VBA
At times, when viewing RSS items in your Outlook, you may want to see the original post in web browser. It’s easy to view a single RSS article. But, if you want to bath process multiple RSS articles, you’d better use the smart method in this article.
Batch  Open  Multiple  RSS  Articles  inbox  repair  tool  outlook  VBA  Feeds  Items  View  Article  in  Web  Browser 
10 days ago by DataNumen

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