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EVY 3D printer : high quality, affordable and multifunction by @ Kickstarter
We created a machine able to 3D print, engrave, cut and plot. Our EVY is way more than a simple 3D printer. It features an interchangeable head for doing 3D printing, laser, cutting, and plotting.
3dprinting  3dprinter  kickstarter  multifunction 
october 2018 by cyberchucktx
RT E-light Ipl RF + Nd Yag Laser Machine , IPL !!! see more at-… …
Skin  Machine  Multifunction  Rejuvenation  from twitter
february 2017 by RefreshIPL
Prop Shield @ PJRC
The Prop Shield is meant for making interactive light and sound effects on small handheld props and wearable costumes. This shield features 10DOF motion sensors, 2 watt audio amp, high speed 5V buffers for driving APA102 LEDs, and an 8 Mbyte flash memory for images, sound clips, or data logging. It's approximately the size of a Teensy, just slightly longer to allow space for mounting holes and connections for power, speaker, and LEDs.
shield  arduino  teensy  multifunction  cosplay  weawrables 
may 2016 by cyberchucktx
LumiPocket LT : multipurpose light-curing 3d Printer
Light-curing, Resin-based 3d Printing is fast and provides much more quality than FDM 3D printers, specially with 3d models with small details. LumiPocket LT is a UV laser based 3D printer, with a resolution of up to 50 microns on the Z and 100 microns on XY axis. Run our cross-platform Software, slice your 3D model (binary or ascii .Stl file), and save the printing job to an SD card: insert it into the LumiPocket LT, it will do all the rest! The maximum printing size is 10 cm diameter by 10 cm high; on LumiPocket LT we suggest our LumiReact and FunToDo resins, however it is also compatible with MakerJuice, 3D Materials, Spot-A and Bukytown Polymers UV pigmented resins.
3dprinter  engraver  multifunction  diy  sls 
september 2015 by cyberchucktx
Basic User's Guide; brother, printer, fax, scan, MFC-L2700DW, MFC, MFCL2700DW, L2700DW, 2700DW, 2700, multi, function, multifunction, manuals, manual, drivers, driver, support,;;; tags:brother, printer, fax, scan, MFC-L2700DW, MFC, MFCL2700DW, L2700DW, 2700DW, 2700, multi, function, multifunction, manuals, manual, drivers, driver, support,users,guide,;;; MenuIsScatteredAllOvertheGuide.SearchFor"Menu";;;
brother  printer  fax  scan  MFC-L2700DW  MFC  MFCL2700DW  L2700DW  2700DW  2700  multi  function  multifunction  manuals  manual  drivers  driver  support  users  guide 
august 2015 by neerajsinghvns

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