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Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is developed by the Java Core Libraries Team at Google.
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january 2019 by lgtout
Dagger multibinding — Sets and Maps – Hamid Gharehdaghi – Medium
it’s been awhile since Dagger as a Dependency Injection library is a popular and usual tool in developers toolbox. Getting familiar with all the features and use cases of this tool can help us…
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january 2019 by lgtout
Multibinding for Dagger 2.9 (Sets and Maps) – Dmitrii Grigorev – Medium
If you didn’t use multibinding before, you can see how it worked earlier until 2.8 there: “Multibinding for Dagger 2.9 (Sets and Maps)” is published by Dmitrii Grigorev
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january 2019 by lgtout
Dagger Useful Techniques — #1 Map Multibindings – Amit Kumar – Medium
Welcome to a series of Dagger Useful Techniques to make your dependency injection experience smoother. In this series, I would like to help the developers to make the most of Dagger who are using it…
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january 2019 by lgtout
Understanding Dagger 2 Multibindings + ViewModel – Kt. Academy
Hi guys,
today we are going to explain how to use the fabulous Dagger 2 multibindings with new Architecture Components’ ViewModel class. Many of us, when started learning how to use the new ViewModel…
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december 2018 by lgtout

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