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Using my to make bread in the microwave this morning!
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may 2018 by amyfortuna
Ember Mug & App: Reviewing 5 Way to Improve you Coffee Experience | iMore
The first smart device I truly love.
I've owned smart locks, lights, and even a light-based piece of art — but while I appreciate many of these gadgets, there hasn't yet been one I felt like I couldn't live without.
Until now. Ember Technologies made a splash last year with its temperature-controlled travel mug — a $150 gadget that keeps your drinks at the same temperature you prefer up to two hours after you pour them using a built-in heating element and a small battery.
I wasn't interested at the time, given that my David's Tea travel mug sometimes keeps my tea too hot for close to 12 hours. But with the arrival of Ember's cheaper, $79.95 desk-based Ceramic mug at my local Starbucks, I had a change of heart.
And boy am I glad I did. Here are the five reasons why I became an Ember Mug convert.
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march 2018 by rgl7194

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