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Event Report - Workday Rising 2017 - Workday opens and advances the platform - but its early days - by @holgermu
"Overall Workday is moving in the right direction, I’d like to see it move a little faster, but customers will be in good shape as long as Workday delivers on the platform, architecture and functionality capabilities it has announced and shared at Rising. CxOs making decision should practice the usual caution as with all new products – minimum required capabilities, commercial implications, and roadmap are a few prominent considerations to mention. Stay tuned."
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7 days ago by jonerp
Event Report - Ceridian Insights 2017 - Ceridian widens and deepens the Dayforce Suite
"We had the opportunity to attend the Ceridian yearly user conference, Insights, held at the Aria in Las Vegas, from the 3rdtill 5th of October 2017. The conference had record attendance with almost 3000 participants and was very well attended from influencers and analysts."
ceridian  constellation  research  fow  future  of  work  hcm  holger  mueller  nextgen  payroll  strategic  advisor  trusted  workforce  management 
11 days ago by jonerp
Event Report - Oracle Open World 2017 - Top 3 Positives / Top 3 Concerns - Overall good - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, Oracle needs to find a better way with customers and improve its image and day to day standing. Betting solely on the better product is risky. And with the overall bet of Oracle on the large, integrated, chip to click stack (from the Silicon to the user click in SaaS) – enterprises will even more think twice before they do business with a vendor of Oracle’s wreputation. Doing right and better with customers is always a good true North – but it seems it is not (yet) a priority for Oracle executives, as none of that was mentioned in the critical keynotes."
autonomous  constellation  research  daas  database  future  of  work  hcm  holger  mueller  iaas  nextgen  apps  openworld  oracle  paas 
14 days ago by jonerp
News Analyses Roundup - SAP's September Tech Announcements - SAP doubles down on technology
"On the concern side, SAP is coming late to many of these moves, but better late – than never. Extra kudos for the ABAP beta – we have asked SAP for many years about the future of ABAP developers. If you lose a developer community it is always hard to make up (look no further than IBM with Rational). And SAP decided to build the road before the destination with EIM. Ok. But SAP needs a SAP native (or certified) BigData / Hadoop capability."
cloud  constellation  research  content  eim  futurist  hana  holger  mueller  leonardo  mendix  mobile  nextgen  apps  nextgenapps 
23 days ago by jonerp
Event Report - Microsoft Ignite / Envision 2017 - Broad push - few highlights - by @holgermu
"On the concern side Microsoft took an even more notable timeout on the Hololens side. And despite making key announcements that matter to customers (for instance support for Kubernetes, Tensorflow, CloudFoundry), these partnerships were all mentioned in the keynotes but not shown in demos (I may have missed them) or announced in roadmaps. Instead a lot of innovation on Docker came to light, e.g. SQL Server 2017 can run in… a Docker container. The biggest challenge enterprises have with Microsoft is the absence of a holistic PaaS strategy."
azure  constellation  research  dynamics  future  of  work  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  microsoft  nextgen  apps  paas  sql  server  trusted  advisor 
24 days ago by jonerp
News Analysis - Oracle Unveils New Programs that Transform how Customers Buy and Consume Cloud – Gloves Off - by @holgermu
"For the industry, its key to watch how well Oracle can move customers to cloud (or cloud at customer). For Oracle competitors, massive potential could disappear. As Constellation estimates that 30-40% of on premise systems are either Oracle systems, or systems so closely connected to an Oracle system – this is a key development to watch – to determine the overall move of the on-premise load to public cloud (the other one is the VMware / AWS partnership)."
aws  cloud  constellation  research  database  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  oracle  paas  saas  strategic  advisor 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Mueller investigation into Facebook ads may be a big deal • NY Mag
Benjamin Hart:
<p>The Wall Street Journal <a href="">reported</a> on Friday that Facebook had turned over much more information to Special Counsel Robert Mueller about Russian-backed advertisements during the 2016 election than the company had shared with Congress:
<p>The information Facebook shared with Mr. Mueller included copies of the ads and details about the accounts that bought them and the targeting criteria they used, the people familiar with the matter said. Facebook policy dictates that it would only turn over “the stored contents of any account,” including messages and location information, in response to a search warrant, some of them said.</p>

CNN confirmed on Saturday that Mueller had indeed obtained the information with the help of a warrant.

Legal experts said that the news could signal a potentially explosive new phase in Mueller’s investigation. In a <a href="">tweetstorm</a>, Yale Law School associate dean Asha Rangappa said that to obtain the warrant, Mueller would have had to believe that a crime was committed – it is illegal for foreign people or entities to make contributions connected to American elections – and that the offense would need to be connected to “specific accounts” on Facebook.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti <a href="">also focused on the warrant</a> in a series of tweets, arguing that its presence meant that Mueller was “close to charging specific foreign people with a crime,” and that if Trump associates were part of the planning behind it, they could face serious charges as well.</p>

A senior person who I know at Facebook said "that was quite a week". There might be some more coming.
facebook  mueller  trump 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Facebook Gave Special Counsel Robert Mueller More Details on Russian Ad Buys Than Congress - WSJ
FB has given Mueller details about how Russian accounts targeted fake ads.Unanswered here: who chose the targets?
Mueller  Russian  Facebook  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by andriak
Event Report - SAP SuccessFactors SuccessConnect - New Leadership - Old Challenges - by @holgermu
"On the concern side, SuccessFactors still needs to find its way inside, versus or with the SAP mainstream. The acquisition is soon more than six years ago and while SuccessFactors has delivered a compelling HR Core product with EmployeeCentral, it need to address looming payroll (no mention in keynote) and overall platform / suite level questions. The sooner, the better. And as a general conversation, HR conferences increasingly seem to be about celebrities and good vibes. All good but the product message can’t be overshadowed too much."
constellation  research  core  hr  fow  future  of  work  futurist  hcm  holger  mueller  nextgen  payroll  sap  successfactors 
5 weeks ago by jonerp
New push to oust Mueller as special counsel
& Rosenstein are being sued for leaks & conflicts of interest.
Mueller  from twitter
5 weeks ago by nausley
CNN Worries about Mueller’s Aggressive Tactics, But Real Concern May Be Senate Intel Committee – emptywheel - Sept 5 2017
CNN has a cryptic story — pitched as evidence that the committees conducting the Russian investigation may be clashing with the Mueller investigation —…
Trump-Russia  Mueller  Senate  from instapaper
6 weeks ago by dunnettreader
Mueller teams up with New York attorney general in Manafort probe - POLITICO
Mueller teams up with New York attorney general in Manafort probe
7 weeks ago by maxfenton
Summer 2017 News Analysis - Workday announces its PaaS - by @holgermu
"Workday has long held the record of most closed major SaaS property in the market. The moniker was something along the lines that “SaaS knows no customization”. A valid point, but only to the degree that enterprises must be able to run their business. At the moment enterprises can’t run their business anymore the pressure on vendors grows very quickly to provide better extension, customization and sometimes even stand-alone software building options."
appdev  apps  constellation  research  devops  futurist  hcm  holger  mueller  hr  nextgen  paas  strategic  advisor 
8 weeks ago by jonerp
Wonder if will want to talk to McConnell about that phone call
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8 weeks ago by andriak

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