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MUD History, Who Invented MUD's, How MUD's Were Invented
MUD History - Summary, Richard Bartle, MUD1, Zork, Adventure, D&D, AberMUD, LPMUD, MOO, Multi-User Dungeon
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3 days ago by boscage
Richard A. Bartle: Command Parsers: a Modest Proposal
There are several stages to parsing in a MUD. Ideally, they should
all be interconnected so you can backtrack from one to the other, but in
practice they tend to be dealt with by different processes, perhaps even on different machines, so it's never going to be as good as it might be.
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6 days ago by AleatoricConsonance
Richard A. Bartle: Envisioning Cyberspace
This chapter will describe the social structures of several text-based and graphic multi-user domains and the role of the citizen/builder in their communities. The chapter will conclude with a discussion on the representation of the computer and its users through avatars and agents.
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28 days ago by AleatoricConsonance
A mud pot is moving across California, and no one knows why
Currently located just north of Niland, the mud pot is moving toward Union Pacific Railroad tracks and giving engineers there a headache. A well dug to depressurize the source of the gas had no effect. Steel walls driven 80 feet into the ground were also nonchalantly circumvented; the mud pot simply ducked under them and continued its freakishly linear path of destruction.

“No one has seen a moving mud pot before,” says David Lynch, a consulting physicist who has long studied the area’s geothermal features. Mud pots and mud volcanoes also generally don’t emit much water, but this one is extremely vigorous, producing somewhere around 40,000 gallons of water a day. Lynch and other experts have taken to calling it a “mud spring.”
mud  geology  california  salton-sea  2018 
4 weeks ago by zzkt
The case for MUDs in modern times
"In the age of smart devices and instant entertainment, can a medium as old as MUDs survive?"
10 weeks ago by thedeeprussian

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