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Establishing Your Drive Train: Screening and Correcting the Hip Hinge | Breaking Muscle
The hip hinge is an incredibly powerful movement if done properly. If lifting is done improperly, back injury can result. Learn how to screen for a proper hip hinge and how to correct bad movement.
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yesterday by mozzarella
How To Ride Long Distance on Your Mountain Bike - Singletracks Mountain Bike News
I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor, I just used common sense. If I got lightheaded during an interval, I backed off. Too sore the next day? Recover and try again later.
I also leaned on the experience of fellow Idahoan and pro mountain biker Rebecca Rusch, who was my unknowing muse on this ride. She’s known as the “Queen of Pain” for her super-human feats of endurance riding. In her book, Rusch to Glory, she imparted this gem of wisdom: “No matter how good or how bad you feel, it won’t last.”

The “bad” part was counterintuitive to me. I figured when you get tired, it’s a downward spiral from there… but not necessarily. You can ride through fatigue until your body finds the next well of energy.
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2 days ago by mozzarella
ChillEasy Titanium - VTT - Mountain bikes - Bikes designed and manufactured entirely in France - Caminade
ChillEasy Titanium - VTT - Mountain bikes - Bikes designed and manufactured entirely in France - Caminade
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3 days ago by mozzarella
Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?
The bicycle, as we know it today, was not invented until the late 1800s. Yet it was a simple mechanical invention. It would seem to require no brilliant inventive insight, and certainly no scientific background.

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6 days ago by mozzarella
Rake and Ride — Outside/In
Pirate trails are everywhere: the pioneers of mountain biking built them on
private land, public land and everything in between. They were built by
riders just looking for a place to take their new bikes, and in the process
they simply appropriated land that they wanted for their trails.

But what happens when the evolution of a sport threatens the very thing
that made it so attractive in the first place? 


When I tell people about the pirate trails I ride and maintain at my local park, legality is the first thing that comes up. "Isn't that illegal?" "They'll kick you out of there if they catch you." Usually these people haven't spent much time in the park. Far from being locals, they'll maybe go the park once a year - if not less. Their idea of the park is framed by regulation rather than experience.
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9 days ago by mozzarella
What Should We Do With All of Our Pirate Trails? - Singletracks Mountain Bike News
While the "build first, legalize later" method of trail construction has worked out in some places, it can backfire when land managers decide they can't trust mountain bikers to be responsible stewards and trail users.
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9 days ago by mozzarella
GoPro Telemetry Extactor
GoPro cameras (Hero5, Session 5, Fusion, Hero6, Hero7...) record a bunch of sensor data, including accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS. Use this telemetry reader to visualise or download your metadata.
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9 days ago by haentz
The Sexiest AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail Thread (Please read the opening post) - Page 1607 - Pinkbike Forum
The Sexiest AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail Thread (Please read the opening post) in Pinkbike Groups

commencal meta ht crmo seat stay discussion
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10 days ago by mozzarella
Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights on Vimeo
An imaginary journey round Scotland, linking together wild bothies and landscapes. Apart from one day, when I was joined by a friend, I made this trip by myself, filming it all myself. I used a car to do the grunt work between some of the locations as they are spread all over Scotland. Please via Pocket
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16 days ago by hansdorsch

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