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Docker gets pragmatic, embraces Kubernetes - by @monkchips
"Kubernetes is crushing it – it is now the defacto standard for container orchestration, given support from pretty much the entire vendor industry from Amazon Web Services, to IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Pivotal and Red Hat. Given that Kubernetes is the platform being chosen for deployment and operations it is also where the money is going to flow. Docker couldn’t afford to shut itself from the business opportunity. It has to be galling to be the company that kicked off the container revolution, only to see Red Hat emerge as a competitor with OpenShift, because of its Kubernetes story, packaging expertise and customer footprint. Latterly Pivotal has thrown its hat into the ring with Pivotal Kubernetes Services."
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4 weeks ago by jonerp
SMTP-Nachrichten bestehen aus einem Header, dem Body und optionalen Anlagen. Der normale Anwender sieht in seinem Outlook nur die Mail mit den Anlagen und ausgewählte Informationen aus dem Header. dazu zählt der angebliche Absender, der Empfänger, der Betreff und das Datum. All diese Daten können gefälscht sein. Immer mehr Firmen gehen daher dazu über, die Informationen zu prüfen und bei unstimmigkeiten dem Anwender anzuzeigen. Einige Produkte ändern dazu den Betreff der Nachricht und fügen das Ergebnis der Evaluierung dort hinzu. Das sieht natürlich nicht immer gut aus.
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5 weeks ago by jchris
Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges « CBS New York
In other words, anti-terror technology. Could that one day include facial recognition? We don’t know and Lhota won’t say.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that,” he told Carlin.

So as more of these expensive towers rise, the mystery is tucked away inside them.
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6 weeks ago by adragomir
Docker Reference Architecture: Design Considerations and Best Practices to Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) with Docker EE - Docker, Inc.
This document starts with high-level decisions such as what applications to Dockerize and methodology, then moves on to what components to put in images, container configuration, and how to store …
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10 weeks ago by geekzter
Fixing the Subway Requires Pain. But How Much, and for How Long? -
> While he can regain manual control at anytime, the hardest part is remaining alert. So the system includes a button that flashes every 20 seconds and if a train operator does not respond within 10 seconds, the train will come to a stop.
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12 weeks ago by zeedog

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