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The Case for the Subway - The New York Times
It built the city. Now, no matter the cost — at least $100 billion — the city must rebuild it to survive.
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11 days ago by mreinbold
Inside The Times' deep dive into the factors behind the MTA's massive cost problems - Second Ave. Sagas :: Second Ave. Sagas
For years, those watching the MTA have rung the alarm on the agency’s high construction costs. I’ve written about cost concerns and the ever-increasing budgets for big-ticket MTA capital projects for years, and I’m not alone. Alon Levy has, since this post in 2011, charted the absurd costs of U.S. rail construction in detailed comparisons with international peers, and Stephen Smith, via the @MarketUrbanism twitter feed, has beaten the cost drum. When challenged, MTA officials have acknowledged that construction costs, but no one has tackled the twin issues of cost transparency and cost control. No one, that is, until last week, when The Times ran a massive front-page story charting all the reasons why NYC transit construction are so high.

As the finale in the series that started with an in-depth look at our unfolding transit crisis, Brian Rosenthal, with help from Doris Burke and Alain Delaquérière, has done what the MTA or the New York State Comptroller should have done years ago: They scrutinized MTA spending and took a deep dive into the agency’s contracting practices, staffing policies and lack of productivity in a way that lays bare just how bad the MTA is at managing big-ticket construction projects or getting a good return on its dollar. The article is, essentially, the story of how institutionalized corruption has become the norm in New York City.
nyc  transit  mta  costs  corruption 
17 days ago by ianmclaury
The Most Expensive Mile of Subway Track on Earth - The New York Times
How excessive staffing, little competition, generous contracts and archaic rules dramatically inflate capital costs for transit in New York.
publictransport  construction  LongIslandRailRoad  MTA  cost  review  critique  NewYork  USA  NYTimes  2017 
21 days ago by inspiral
Courier worksheet
For scalability, we are going to arrange for exim to deliver all local mail in Maildir format. This creates a subdirectory called "Maildir" in the user's home directory, which in turn contains three subdirectories: new, cur and tmp. Messages are written into tmp, moved to new when delivery is complete, and moved to cur when read. Each message has a long unique filename based on the hostname and the time of day.

Because each message is stored in a separate file, it is much faster for the pop3 daemon to start up every time a user connects. It also allows for safe delivery onto a shared (NFS) disk backend.

Exim does not include any software for retrieving mail from a mailbox, so we need to install additional software. Courier is a mail system which includes a number of packages. In fact it has its own MTA, but we will ignore this (it is still under heavy development, and does not have the flexibility needed for an ISP environment). The components we are interested in are the IMAP/POP3 servers and 'sqwebmail', the webmail server.

You can get the entire courier system as one package (including the MTA), or just the components. We will get the authlib, pop3/imap and webmail components separately.

Remember: in the command examples given below, commands shown with the prompt "$" should be run as your normal non-root userid. Only those commands with prompt "#" need to be run as root.
mailserver  imap  mta 
4 weeks ago by dusko
On my 1st engagement this week I helped a company high on the Fortune 100 bring an old app with a lot…
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7 weeks ago by aviflax

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