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Authentication/DMARC Filter for email MTAs
Perl "milter" written by Fastmail to check authentication/signing and other authentication checks
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3 days ago by reedhedges
Making art of New York's urban ruins | Miru Kim - YouTube
"At the 2008 EG Conference, artist Miru Kim talks about her work. Kim explores industrial ruins underneath New York and then photographs herself in them, nude -- to bring these massive, dangerous, hidden spaces into sharp focus."
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7 days ago by robertogreco
RT : All trains canceled for Metro North. Sweet lord.
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11 days ago by AramZS
All trains canceled for Metro North. Sweet lord.
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11 days ago by miaeaton
Central Records Unit
Maryland Transportation Authority Police "repository for the collection and timely distribution of motor vehicle accident reports, criminal investigation reports and incident reports."
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4 weeks ago by Mykl
white listing sendmail authenticated users
I am trying (unsuccessfully) to write a rule to pickup if the
"authenticated bits=0" in the Received line of the header and give it -100

I am not sure if spamass-milter Version 0.3.1is passing the Received line to SA.

Does anyone know if that works? Or a better way to do it?

header LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD2 Received =~ /authenticated bits/
score LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD2 -100.0
... ... ...

Important note: be specific as to *which* received header you whitelist on. It would be trivial for a spammer to put that text in a forged "upstream" Received header.

Generally speaking, the better way to whitelist would be to tell
spamass-milter (or whatever your glue is) to not pass the message to SA at all. Your MTA knows that the message was received from an authenticated user, so see if you can leverage that knowledge to simply bypass calling SA completely.
... ... ...
Generally milters run before the local Received: header is added.

AFAIK, spamasss-milter temporarily fakes one so DNS tests can be done on the delivering IP, but it's not going to be identical to the one your MTA generates.
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5 weeks ago by dusko

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