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Docker Reference Architecture: Design Considerations and Best Practices to Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) with Docker EE - Docker, Inc.
This document starts with high-level decisions such as what applications to Dockerize and methodology, then moves on to what components to put in images, container configuration, and how to store …
mta  docker  reference  architecture  containers 
16 days ago by geekzter
Fixing the Subway Requires Pain. But How Much, and for How Long? -
> While he can regain manual control at anytime, the hardest part is remaining alert. So the system includes a button that flashes every 20 seconds and if a train operator does not respond within 10 seconds, the train will come to a stop.
transportation  nyc  mta  subways 
5 weeks ago by zeedog
How MTA shut down my app for Penn Station commuters
When I moved to Long Island, I started commuting via Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Manhattan’s Penn Station. For those that never had to use it, Penn Station is massive, crowded and overwhelming…
apps  development  programming  ios  mta  nyc 
10 weeks ago by dionidium
RT : Hey NYC! Don't let your commute ruin your day. We've built a Datadog dashboard w/ real-time updates of service…
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11 weeks ago by chadjw
How Andrew Cuomo broke the New York subway
All this would have required more money, but if costs were brought under control — the linchpin of any subway policy, likely requiring some reform of the beleaguered MTA — it could have been done, and would have been wildly popular.

This someone would have had to be the governor of New York, who controls the MTA. The governor directly nominates the CEO, chairman, and five members of the MTA's 17-person board. He has further influence over the outside counties which nominate a further four seats. New York City itself only gets five seats — and even then they have to be confirmed by the New York Senate, where the governor holds the balance of power.

Cuomo, who has been governor since 2011, is basically the exact opposite of this visionary leader. Instead of recognizing the absolutely vital nature of the subway, he has been shockingly hostile to public transit in general, deliberately undermining and underfunding it from the beginning of his term. He has done nothing about the cost problem. Lacking both a price fix and sufficient outside revenue to stabilize its finances, the MTA has repeatedly resorted to fare hikes and borrowing to cover its spending, leading to a huge debt overhang. (On the other hand, Cuomo did spend billions on a lousy bridge after coring out all the transit additions that were supposed to go with it.)
newyork  subway  cuomo  mta 
12 weeks ago by ianmclaury
Cuomo's executive budget quietly slashes MTA funds by $65M
The suffering subway, bus and rail system may have less money to move New Yorkers.
mta  nyc  transit 
june 2017 by sfriedenberg

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