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TLS (Schannel SSP) | Microsoft Docs
Changes to Windows TLS adherence to TLS 1.2 requirements for connections with non-compliant TLS clients
In practice, some third-party TLS clients do not comply with the TLS 1.2 RFC and fail to include all the signature and hash algorithm pairs they are willing to accept in the "signature_algorithms" extension, or omit the extension altogether (the latter indicates to the server that the client only supports SHA1 with RSA, DSA or ECDSA).

A TLS server often only has one certificate configured per endpoint, which means the server can’t always supply a certificate that meets the client’s requirements.

Prior to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the Windows TLS stack strictly adhered to the TLS 1.2 RFC requirements, resulting in connection failures with RFC non-compliant TLS clients and interoperability issues. In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the constraints are relaxed and the server can send a certificate that does not comply with TLS 1.2 RFC, if that’s the server’s only option. The client may then continue or terminate the handshake.

When validating server and client certificates, the Windows TLS stack strictly complies with the TLS 1.2 RFC and only allows the negotiated signature and hash algorithms in the server and client certificates.
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18 days ago by dstelow
IIS 8.5 Management Services and disabling TLS 1.0 : The Official Microsoft IIS Forums
Re: IIS 8.5 Management Services and disabling TLS 1.0

Mar 15, 2016 05:46 PM|LINK

Hello everyone,

disabling TLS 1.0/SSL3 affecting Inetmgr and Web Deploy is a known issue that we are investigating and working on a fix. We don't have ETA at this point in time, but rest assured that we are treating this with priority. Based on what we know at this time the issue is not with WMSVC at the server side but with the negotiation from the client (Inetmgr/Web Deploy).

I can update this thread as we know more.



Update) Sorry for the late post to this thread. The official guidance to get Inetmgr/Web Deploy working when TLS 1.0/SSL3 are disabled, has now been published.
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18 days ago by dstelow
Entity Framework Core 2.1: Heck Yes, It’s Production Ready!
Now you can use the non-entity type with a FromSql query that calls the stored procedure. This query uses a dynamic context.Query<TeamCommute>() rather than defining the DbQuery in the TeamContext class.

var teamlist = context.Query<TeamCommute>()
.FromSql("EXEC GetCommuteTimes {0}",101)

Note that the documentation at says that you can return arbitrary types from the FromSql method. The term arbitrary doesn’t mean any undefined class. You’ll have to pre-define the class and configure it in the model, as described above.
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11 weeks ago by dstelow

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