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Entity Framework Core 2.1: Heck Yes, It’s Production Ready!
Now you can use the non-entity type with a FromSql query that calls the stored procedure. This query uses a dynamic context.Query<TeamCommute>() rather than defining the DbQuery in the TeamContext class.

var teamlist = context.Query<TeamCommute>()
.FromSql("EXEC GetCommuteTimes {0}",101)

Note that the documentation at says that you can return arbitrary types from the FromSql method. The term arbitrary doesn’t mean any undefined class. You’ll have to pre-define the class and configure it in the model, as described above.
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Learn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDN
Microsoft's welcome mat for developers. Includes links to Visual Studio subscriptions, MSDN magazines, and "Developer Centers" for various technologies.
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MSDN Magazine Issues
MSDN Magazines for download, 2003 to current.
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