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Support for ESP32, WebThing API and PlatformIO-style projects.
ESP8266 has been the first board we've been implementing code generation modules for. It can be programmed using Espressifs own ESP-IDF framework, or the Arduino Framework - which makes it really easy to get started quickly. Luckily there's me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer, and the main README speaks about the reason why it's better suited for the task, e.g. because of speed, asynchronous processing, more functionality etc. This device can be connected to Mozilla's Things Gateway as-is. Starting from gateway version 0.4, the gateway allows for adding devices by IP address, so adding makes the LED accessible to the gateway.
mozilla  iot  arduino  esp32  webserver 
9 hours ago by cyberchucktx
jwz: Mozilla mourns Microsoft
«Because we live in the Stupidest Timeline, Mozilla find themselves needing to point out that MICROS~1 leaving the web browser market is bad for the web.»
jwz  mozilla  microsoft  browser  web  webdev  fuck-everything 
yesterday by brennen
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
From a business point of view Microsoft’s decision may well make sense. Google is so close to almost complete control of the infrastructure of our online lives that it may not be profitable to continue to fight this. The interests of Microsoft’s shareholders may well be served by giving up on the freedom and choice that the internet once offered us. Google is a fierce competitor with highly talented employees and a monopolistic hold on unique assets. Google’s dominance across search, advertising, smartphones, and data capture creates a vastly tilted playing field that works against the rest of us.
chrome  microsoft  browser  mozilla  firefox  blog-posts  future 
4 days ago by mikael
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Forceful essay on the value of browser diversity
firefox  mozilla  edge  msie  microsoft  google  chrome  webkit  browsers  standards  tootme 
4 days ago by nelson
Introducing Firefox Monitor, Helping People Take Control After a Data Breach - The Mozilla Blog
Firefox Monitor is a free service that notifies people when they’ve been part of a data breach
mozilla  firefox  security  data  breach  privacy  tool 
6 days ago by aeng
Firefox Test Pilot - Email Tabs
Email Tabs lets you create beautiful emails from your open tabs to save them for later or share them. You can use Email Tabs to automatically send along links, screenshots, or even the text from articles.
mozilla  firefox  experiment  testpilot 
6 days ago by aeng
Public Suffix List
A "public suffix" is one under which Internet users can (or historically could) directly register names. Some examples of public suffixes are .com, and The Public Suffix List is a list of all known public suffixes.
web  domains  mozilla  dns  tld 
8 days ago by onefewercar

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