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Harry/Louis Dirty Dancing AU
Harry as the openly gay (bi?) dance instructor and Louis as the closeted Baby of his family spending summer at his resort!
Harry/Louis  AU  MovieBasedAU  Dancing  Unfilled 
march 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis Lady and the Tramp AU
I was watching Lady and The Tramp and realized how cute it would be if someone could make it into a Louis and Harry fic. But instead of the cocker spaniel and the mutt, Harry could be like a curly coated retriver, and Louis could be a terrier, but the breeds can be anything. Just a lot of fluff happens between the two with the storyline of the movie.
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Pets  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry, James Bond AU
So after seeing Skyfall I'm all for this fic idea. I want Harry as Q and Louis as 007. Length doesn't matter. And sexy time would be awesome, if you can include it somehow.

If you're looking for inspiration this is probs a good place to start:

P.s. I will give my first born child for this fic, if anyone's interested..
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
february 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
liam/zayn - toy story au
a toy story au where liam’s toys (because who the hell even came up with the rule that you can’t play with your childhood toys as a young adult) play matchmaker and try to get zayn and liam together.

no larry.
Liam/Zayn  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, modern day cinderella AU
i just want a fic where louis is super famous and a popstar but for whatever reason he's not out (have management be the ~evil stepmother who's holding something over him?) but then he hears about indie rock star harry styles throwing one of his infamous parties - this time, with a masquerade theme! - where everyone who's anyone is always present and anything goes.

so obviously louis goes and has a lotta fun kissing boys and he and harry really hit it off even though lou is keeping his identity a secret because of reasons. in fact they hit it off so well that louis ends up pursuing a friendship with harry in RL. but even as they fall in love, harry feels like he's also fallen for the the MYSTERIOUS STRANGER who keeps coming to his parties and then there's drama and fake angst and a happy ending. :)))

if you somehow include all the boys and side zayn/perrie i will love you forEVER but obvs this is just a bonus and not a necessity etc. etc. PLEASE FILL THIS FOR ME ANONS
Harry/Louis  AU  FamousLouis  Filled  Incomplete  MovieBasedAU 
january 2013 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis; Midnight in Paris inspired fic
(inspired on Midnight in Paris) Louis and Eleanor travel to Paris as a tag-along vacation on her parents’ business trip. Louis is a successful Hollywood songwriter but is struggling on his first album as an independent singer, finally free from stupid soundtrack songs. He falls in love with the city and thinks they should move there after they get married, but Eleanor does not share his romantic notions of the city. Louis takes a walk at midnight and discovers what could be the ultimate source of inspiration for writing, because something magic happens at midnight: every time a curly boy appears to show him around the city. Louis’ daily walks at midnight in Paris take him closer to the heart of the city and to Harry and further from the woman he’s about to marry. He would live walking by the Seine, sitting in old cafés, and kissing that mysteryous boy forever.
Harry/Louis  AU  MovieBasedAU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis or harry/nick grease AU
harry and louis/nick had a great summer, but then they had to go their separete ways. when they are reunited in high school, louis/nick es part of the cool crew and pretends not to like harry that much. the rest of the boys/people surrounding 1d (lol) as de t-birs/pink ladies
Harry/Louis  Harry/Other  AU  MovieBasedAU  HighSchoolAU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry and any other pairings Wizard of Oz AU
Harry as Dorothy
Louis as Scarecrow
Zayn as Tinman
Liam as the Lion
and i suppose Niall could be a munchkin?
Simon Cowell as the Wizard

so yeah other than that you can pretty much do whatever you want with this. tbh, this the result of me watching the Oz trailer and laughing at the idea of Simon as the wizard. it'd be nice if you could include other x factor series 7 people as well. and pairing wise you can do ziam or whatever you want.
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
OT5- Thelma and Louise
Wherein the only similarity to Thelma and Louise is that murder(s) take(s) place at the beginning, under the same circumstances, and then they all take off on a road trip to get away from the police.

They're all still in a band, but not world famous, and relatively unsuccessful (just to preserve the dynamic, you know). I'd like Niall and Louis to be the Thelma-like figures, and Harry/Liam/Zayn to be the Louise-ish people. Everything else is up to the filler.
OT5  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis - TheParentTrap!AU - MovieFic
idk i just finished watching the parent trap again and i just came up with this idea and here it goes

set in the future maybe about 5 years? (so harry's 23, louis' 25) they get married and adopt twin babies but end up splitting like a week after (harry lives in london and louis can live in america or some other part of england) and when the twins are like 11-12 they go to a camp and they start off as not knowing each other at all and then they finally meet and just get on really well and they discover that they're twins (hey they look a like so) and they have this crazy idea that they should switch and figure out what happened between their parents. when one of them comes home to louis they discover that louis has a girlfriend (eleanor) and harry, louis, the twins, and eleanor all meet up and try to work things out on a camping trip which ends in louis breaking up with eleanor because he remembers how he and harry used to be and how they fell in love and yeah happy ending yay
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis AU: Serendipity
#someone write a serendipity au #harry and louis meet in a department store during christmas time #both looking for gifts for their mums #and they fight over a pair of cashmere gloves #and then someone else snatches them away#and then they decide to walk around london together helping each other look for gifts#and they stumble upon a skating rink #and harry’s like hey let’s go skating and louis’ like no no idk how #and harry teaches him how to ice skate #bc every winter his village of holmes chapel has an ice skating rink #and his mum and sister and him used to go all the time when he was younger #so he teaches louis #AND THEN HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH LOUIS AND WANTS LOUIS’ NAME AND NUMBER AND LOUIS’ LIKE AHH UHHH IDK FATE AND SHIT AND ARE WE MEANT TO ME #AND LOUIS MAKES HARRY WRITE HIS NAME AND NUMBER ON A 10 POUND BILL #AND THEN USES THAT BILL TO BUY GUM #AND THEN LOUIS PUTS HIS NAME AND NUMBER IN A BOOK #AND SAYS IF THEY EACH FIND THESE ITEMS THEN IT’S MEANT TO BE #CUT TO THE END WHERE FATE AND STARS AND THE UNIVERSE LINE UP AND THEY FIND EACH OTHER
Harry/Louis  AU  MovieBasedAU  Filled  Completed 
december 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
harry/louis, the social network au
it can be set post depositions or during their time at harvard or have the same timeline as the movie, it can follow the exact same events of the movie or have some deviations from canon. literally anything as long as you have louis as mark and harry as eduardo (and niall as dustin, liam as chris and zayn as sean, if you want to make me really happy). I PROMISE ALL THE GOLD IF THIS IS FILLED.
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
zayn/liam, character death, angst, armegeddon
okay so like, something similar to the movie armegeddon (and if you haven't watched that movie yet i'm judging you).

so like, imagine them as harry and grace (not incest, just the whole one lives one dies thing and they love each other very much okay).

right. now let's say zayn is harry (or liam can be, it really doesn't matter, i'm just using it as an example). zayn goes on this mission to save the planet or whatnot, the others are with him, etc la da da, they're going good and then bam, shit happens, and someone has to stay behind.

but zayn doesn't give them a choice to stay behind (zayn does this bc he can't let any of his friends suffer an ill fate, he loves them all so much that he refuses to let them give up their lives, even if that means he has to leave the one he loves), maybe you can add some more plot to that, maybe have it like in the movie idk/idc. anyway -- zayn calls liam, and liam is worried, but hopeful, praying that everything will be alright, but then zayn says no, and idk, they confess their love to one another one last time and it's heartbreaking for everyone, zayn and liam, the boys, everyone who is listening in on the call or w/e.

and so like, zayn does it, does whatever it is that needs to be done, and like, during his last moment, all he can think of is him and liam and all of their time together and how their future could've been and sad stuff like that. and then it happens and he dies and liam can literally feel his heart stop when that happens, can literally feel it breaking and obliterating and he can't breathe and he can't cry bc he has to be strong bc it's what zayn would've wanted and stuff like that and idk

and like idk maybe you can have it adding memories between the two throughout it or something idk, not too fussed, just someone please write this please, i'll donate my first nephew or niece to you once they're born.
Liam/Zayn  MovieBasedAU  AU  Angst  DeathFic  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn or Liam/Louis, Brokeback Mountain AU: TRIGGER: homophobia(?)
Where Liam and Zayn/Louis live in the 60s, and are commissioned to herd sheep up on Brokeback Mountain. If you're familiar with the story, Zayn(or Louis) is Jack (the talkative and proud ex-rodeo one) and Liam is Ennis (The one that hardly ever talks and is insecure, but is more macho). This is quite sad, but I just NEED unrequited feelings/hiding from and fighting society (and tent sex? too much to ask?) Just, lots of angst and somewhat unwelcome and unresolved feelings. Oh, and cowboy hats and boots, please :) Sorry, I'll go isolate myself from society again.
Liam/Zayn  Liam/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled  Homophobia 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Harry/Louis/OFC Savages AU!
Laguna Beach entrepreneurs Harry, a peaceful and charitable Buddhist, and his closest friend Louis, a former Navy SEAL and ex-mercenary, run a lucrative, homegrown industry-raising some of the best marijuana ever developed. They also share a one-of-a-kind love with the extraordinary beauty Opheilia (Up to author if they want to keep the same girl. Idgaf). Life is idyllic in their Southern California town...until the Cartel decides to move in and demands that the trio partners with them. When the merciless head of the cartel Liam, and his brutal enforcer, Zayn, underestimate the unbreakable bond among these three friends, Harry and Louis-with the reluctant, slippery assistance of a dirty DEA agent Niall-wage a seemingly unwinnable war against the cartel.
No joke the whole time watching this movie I was like "Wow this needs to be a Larry!AU"
First born child to whoever fills this <3
Harry/Louis/Other  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Louis/Harry, AU: Rise Of The Guardians(2012), [POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE]
So I just watched the Rise Of The Guardians movie, and it was absolutely amazing. I would love a fic where 1D is either of the five guardians.

Want(NEED):Louis as Jack Frost, Liam as North, and Niall as Sandy. The other two is up to the filler.

Pairing is optional :)
Harry/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Puppy!Liam/Zayn - He'll come back, right? warning - possible character death
So I've been thinking anout this for a while now but couldn't get myself to actually write it but I guess here it goes:

Story inspired by the movie "Hachiko a dogs story". If you don't know the movie - a man finds a little puppy and decides to take him home. They create this amazing bond. The dog walks his owner to the train station everyday and waits there until he gets back from work. But one day the man dies while gone and he never comes back but his dog (named Hachiko) never leaves the station, he never stopped waiting for his owner... (damn that movie made me cry so much)

So I taught this would make a beautiful story. Liam would be this puppy/human. He'd be so sweet, naive and loyal. He'd always wait for Zayn in their appartament until when day Zayn doesn't come back. Liam doesn't really understands what happened all he knows that he needs to wait for Zayn. Others try to tell him to stop, to move on etc... but he just waits

Maybe to NOT make this sooo heartbreaking, the ending could be happy where after a while Zayn comes back. He comes back almost 100% sure that Liam will be gone, moved on and forgotten about him but it's not true.

I guess the ending would be up to writer. So yeah, that's my prompt :) Turned out kinda long...
Liam/Zayn  PetLiam  MovieBasedAU  DeathFic  AU  Unfilled 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Zayn, The Little Mermaid AU
Zayn is a merman who rescues Prince Liam from a crashed ship after a storm. Upon placing Liam on the beach, he sings to the prince until he regains consciousness and disappears before he is seen. Liam returns to the palace but his dreams are haunted by a beautiful voice singing to him.

Having fallen in love, Zayn bargains with the Sea Hag for a chance to win Liam's heart. In exchange for legs, he gives up his voice.

How will he win Prince Liam's heart when he cannot even speak?

Happy ending please.
Liam/Zayn  MovieBasedAU  ClaimedPrompt  Unfilled  AU 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme
Liam/Louis: groundhog day/mystery spot!au (character death, kinda)
Louis gets stuck in a time loop and repeats the same day over and over again. Liam dies everyday, and Louis can't stop it.

(up to you if Louis has feelings from Liam from before, or if he starts growing feelings as the days repeat)
If anyone actually does this I will hand you my first born on a plate.
Liam/Louis  MovieBasedAU  AU  DeathFic  Unfilled  Supernatural 
november 2012 by 1Dkinkmeme

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