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Muckraker! - orphan - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
After the probe crash, Eddie's getting his life back together. Sort of. So what if his new beat writing PR puff pieces for Silicon Valley startups isn't exactly glamorous? And so what if every time he closes his eyes, he dreams of the distant stars, and the bottom of a smooth black hole, one that used to be filled with teeth?

Eddie is agitated, pacing across Jodie’s office. A part of him knows he looks crazy, looks erratic. Knows this has gone off the rails, that he needs to calm down so Jodie listens, really listens to what he's saying. A part of him knows that. That part feels like it's coming from very, very far away.
fic  id:orphan  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  post-canon  'ao3  movie-verse 
8 weeks ago by esther_a
Four Seasons - jamjar - The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori
et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas.

Count it the greatest sin to prefer life to honour,
and for the sake of living to lose what makes life worth living.

- Juvenal
fic  id:jamjar  f:TheEagle  movie-verse  slash  s:Esca/Marcus  post-canon  yuletide  'ao3 
january 2019 by esther_a
Read My Lips - binz, shiplizard - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The AU where Eddie Brock is a lipstick model, except not an AU.

Venom is Helpful.

Pepper has heard this YouTuber's voice somewhere before.
fic  id:binz  id:shiplizard  f:Marvel  f:Venom  f:Ironman  s:Eddie/Venom  outsiderpov  short  'ao3  movie-verse 
december 2018 by esther_a
[podfic] Cold Hands, Warm Heart - accrues - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
So it's not enough to keep you warm, Venom growled. I have to make you remember all the time that you are warm.
nf  podfic  f:Venom  id:DiraSudis  'ao3  movie-verse 
december 2018 by esther_a
Terms of Endearment - tuesday - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
In which there are accidental pet names, Eddie leaning into being in love with an alien symbiote, and an ill-advised kidnapping.

The first time Eddie called Venom dear, it was automatic.

They were shopping, and Eddie bypassed the freezer section to pick up some chocolate first. Venom said, "Don't forget the tater tots."

Eddie, well-trained by more than one serious relationship in his life, said, "Yes, dear."
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  getting-together  'ao3  movie-verse 
december 2018 by esther_a
For a Song - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie had told himself that was all he could do for any of them, just making sure that the world knew their names, that their loved ones knew what happened to them. A whole parade of people from the Life Foundation were going to jail for the murders of the people who had died in those experiments, but--

But I'm in bed with the one person who actually killed her.
fic  id:DiraSudis  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  movie-verse  gen  'ao3 
november 2018 by esther_a
Wedding Party - monicawoe - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie is invited to Anne and Dan's wedding. Things don't go exactly as planned.
(Venom just wants cake.)
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  s:Canon_Pairings  short  marriage:weddings/proposals  fluff  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
It's the Terror of Knowing What This World is About - purpleplunderbunny - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
The important thing about Eddie Brock is this: he was a kinky bisexual disaster long before his body became a timeshare.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  kink  d/s  explicit  pwp  'ao3  short  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
Attenborough's Revenge - zuzeca - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Venom watches nature documentaries. Riot comes back for seconds. Turns out that Netflix subscription was worth it after all.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
advancements in on-the-job training - iniquiticity - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Taking care of their host is more complicated than they anticipated.


There were lessons it had been that taught about how to manipulate a host's biochemistry. By making changes there, the lecturers explained, problems the host experienced could be eliminated, allowing the symbiote to pursue it's goals with with less resistance.

They were abysmal at the lessons, and, more importantly, those lessons were for it, not them. Everything before them is worthless. They'll have to figure it out as they go along.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  h/c  'ao3  xeno  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
Conjugal Love - zuzeca - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie’s only had the Symbiote back in his head for ten days when he discovers Venom dreams.
fic  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  xeno  explicit  'ao3  favorite  short  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
Those Good Boys - Okadiah - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Mrs. Chen saw everything that happened in and around her store, and she knew a lot more than that.

Like Eddie. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. And that black … whatever it was that was with him these days.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  gen  outsiderpov  short  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
Judith and her Maidservant - Siria - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Later, Dora would think back on it and realise that clinically speaking, she had died.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  gen  fixit  short  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
going viral - helloshepard - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Venom shows up in some of Eddie's videos. The Internet takes it about how you'd expect.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  slash  s:Eddie/Venom  metafic  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a
Work It Harder (Make It Better) - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie couldn't deny that someone silently watching, disinterested but still present and paying attention, was actually a plus.
fic  id:DiraSudis  f:Marvel  f:Venom  masturbation  s:Eddie/Venom  pwp  explicit  short  'ao3  movie-verse 
november 2018 by esther_a

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