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Its time for our symposium!

Where: HCCC Rm 25C
When 8.30 - 5.

There will be an 'ask…
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9 days ago by ebuchholtz
The Power of Strutting in a Black Body – Power Trip – Medium
The slaveholders’ fear of drums bordered on superstition. They believed them capable of stirring up frenzy so contagious and fast-spreading that it was nearly impossible to resist. Ironically, their suspicions were confirmed in the early 20th century, when jazz became a national fascination. Like lynching, it frequently brought whites together to entertain appetites often scorned in polite society. Then, as now, whites’ interaction with African Americans and their culture reflected a perplexing conjunction of lust and disdain. Many white East St. Louisans, for example, may very well have been in their parlors listening with rapt attention to a recording of “Darktown Strutters’ Ball” before going out to mutilate and murder their neighbors in nearby Black Valley.
racism  African_american  slavery  Latinos_+_TW  Violence_y_Power  Power_in_America  dance  movement 
9 days ago by Jibarosoy
Resources : Aware – Relaxed – Connected
resources / craig mallet ; see also personal re-enchantment
spirituality  movement  enchantment  tao 
12 days ago by nccollignon
Sun and Steel ~ Mishima -- discussion
A recurrent idea that surfaces again and again in "Sun and Steel" is the corrosive power that words had been able to excercise over Yukio Mishima's during his earlier earlier life.Mishima confesses in "Sun and Steel" that he was aware of words before he was aware of "the flesh" and that the awareness of the flesh would only come many years later.One of the reasons given by Mishima for this situation in "Sun and Steel" is that words were a replacement for the physical body that he had always wanted to have.The ideal of heroic beauty had always eluded him and that is why he pursued the beauty of words instead.But according to Mishima the ideal that a beauty of words seeks to recreate is at best an imitation of the real world, where the beauty of the hero's body is the real thing. Throughout most of his life Mishima refused to understand that the world of the body and the world of words were interwined.
litterature  movement  samurai  japan  philosophy 
15 days ago by nccollignon
how can you map your everyday and your daily routines with & ? ⚡️sparking…
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19 days ago by body-tech23
Emmet Louis | Open Source Movement
It was remarked on that Kit at times has a manner of speaking that can come across as quite “esoteric” or “spiritual”, which especially manifests itself in his approach to stretching which embraces not only the bodily side of things but also takes the mind or “spirit” into account. But this is something I’ve found with myself over the years, the more I work with people and their bodies, the more I find the language we have not sufficient to describe the level and depth of change going on in the body that we have to resort to the language of the “mystics” to explain it.
body  movement  spirituality 
21 days ago by nccollignon
An Ex-Marine's View of the US 'Forever War'
How Americans’ broad support for the military is disconnected from reality: operations (wars) have no connection to protecting US citizens
usa  military  industry  complex  politics  interview  debunk  book  marine  usmc  soldier  warrior  movement  imperialism  pentagon  illusion 
23 days ago by csrollyson
The Newberry | Mapping Movement
American “Maps of movement” embrace all manner of cartography that enabled or illuminates the historical movements of human beings, goods, and other mappable phenomena across, around, and from the Americas. They are powerful tools for the studying the history of geographical mobility and routemaking as well as economic, social, cultural, intellectual, and political life. From sea charts used by maritime explorers to road maps used by motorists to visit national parks, maps of movement document the detail and pattern of routes; the pace and character of various modes of travel; the imprint of transportation and routes of travel on settlement and migratory patterns; the role of commercial marketing and civic boosterism in geographical movement; and the role mapping and geographical study have played in understanding the earth's surface. American maps of movement have both enabled mobility and shaped conceptions of American landscapes and their possibilities.
mapping  cartography  movement 
24 days ago by shannon_mattern

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