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RT : Located in the area of à, with the del Toscà, which was the center of an area of semi-.…
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5 days ago by deckard67
体力無し男の登山レポート - Togetter
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Calculate How Long It Will Take to Complete a Hike - MGC
Naismith’s Rule was devised by a Swedish hiker in the 1890s to calculate how long a hike would take.  Even though some hikers have come up with their own modifications to the rule, it is still one of the most common guidelines used to calculate how long a hike will take.  Note that the rule is made assuming that you will be hiking on a trail or footpath of some kind, and the hike will be of moderate difficulty.
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23 days ago by nicola.achille
UKC Articles - Using SARLOC for Rescue on your Smartphone
Getting smart with your smartphone might just save your life in an emergency, writes Judy Whiteside, Editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine.
'There are many apps for smartphone which show the phone's...
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4 weeks ago by asaltydog
How Landmark LGBT Movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Became an Opera
E. Annie Proulx wrote the libretto. Composer Charles Wuorinen and director Jacopo Spirei reveal how they set Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger’s tragic gay love story to music.
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6 weeks ago by gdw
The five best Yorkshire mountain bike routes - MBR
Cracking singletrack and out-there adventure riding. Yorkshire mountain bike routes in The Dales, the South Pennines, the Peak District and West Yorkshire. This a real Dales classic that is easily reached if you start in Pateley Bridge (Landranger 99/SE157656). via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by technogoggles
Are these the best five mountain bike routes in the UK? - MBR
After 20 years of guiding, riding and devising routes for mbr magazine, we asked mountain man Tom Hutton for his five favourite rides. Ride time: 4-5 hours Why ride it? Big mountain route with awesome singletrack descent Where to eat? The Travellers Rest, Glenridding GPS download: po. via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by technogoggles

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