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What Driving Can Teach Us About Living
What Driving Can Teach Us About Living
How we respond to the rules of the road offers insight into being human.

Rachel Cusk. NYTimes Magazine. 3 January 2019
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january 2019 by asfaltics : Travel Time Mapping | Search Public Transport & Drive Time Data
Draw your own "Isochrone" personalised map with this free travel time mapping application. Find out where’s reachable within 30 minutes drive time & more.
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july 2018 by magnusc
Red Pepper's Patients by Grace S. Richmond
Red Pepper Burns continues to do his thing, which involves repairing and curing young engineer Jordan King and mysterious book agent Anne Linton.
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june 2018 by redeemingqualities
BBC One - Room 101, Series 7, Episode 5, People who are really into cars
Frank Skinner discusses Nish Kumar's dislike of people who are really into cars who he wants to put into the depths of Room 101.
Comedy  Humour  FrankSkinner  NishKumar  Room101  Cars  Motoring  Driving  CarCulture  Formula1  BBC 
february 2018 by dk33per
RT : Crosswalks come in many forms. If a road meets with another street & there are no visible line(s), this is consider…
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january 2018 by wwc

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