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« earlier Exciting News!! The Helmet Shop can now save you on all things Powersports. Browse these parts catalogs and call 1-800-630-6434 and you will see we are the best place to buy anything ATV, UTV, OffRoad, Tires, VTwin and dont forget, Helmets.
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3 days ago by TheHelmetShop
Blast from the past: A Suzuki Vallelunga roars again | Bike EXIF
THERE’S SOMETHING MAGICAL about big racing two-strokes. And somewhere near the top of that smokin’ hot tree is the Suzuki-SAIAD GT750 S Vallelunga.

The story of the Italian-built Suzuki is a curious tale, and it’s rare to see one of these attractive racers pop up on the internet radar. But the Piedmontese workshop Soiatti Moto Classiche has just found and restored one, and pushed the big zook back into the limelight.
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6 weeks ago by tamouse
Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to stop for the night...

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7 weeks ago by jhill5
Pulse IPT Battery P.12 LiFePO

The Pulse IPT is the worlds best lightweight lithium motorcycle battery. With the emergency start capability of the IPT Reset, you will never get stranded by a dead battery again.

IPT Reset is basically a "last chance start" or "emergency start" button on the top of the battery. The short version is this: if you manage to drain the battery somehow- leaving the key on for a week; LED lights used at a bike night draining the battery, whatever it is- at some point the IPT will cut off the power, stopping the battery from being drained to the point of damage.

Well, we have adjusted that cutoff point to leave just enough power in reserve so that you can press the "IPT Reset" button, and you will have enough power to start your bike. 
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11 weeks ago by rmohns

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