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Single Core Remy
AM Racing Remy motors (supplied by EV West)
EV-conversion  AM-Racing  Remy  motor 
2 days ago by negril
A New Generation of Axial Flux EV Motors
article describing what axial flux motors are. This is the type of motor by Phi-Power (e.g. PH381/382), also Yasa company mentioned here. Advantage is that these motors can we relatively thin due to orientation of the stator and rotor magnetic fields.
EV-conversion  motor  axial-flux-motors  theory  Magnax 
3 days ago by negril
Naïve Math: the Mendocino motor and Earnshaw's theorem / Habr
I was surfing the Internet the other day and a rather curious thing caught my mind: the Mendocino motor. It’s an extremely low-friction bearing rotor: the original one had a glass cylinder hanging on two needles, but the modern ones use magnetic suspension. It’s a brushless engine: the rotor has solar batteries attached to it, which generate current for the coils wrapped around the rotor. The rotor spins in a fixed magnetic field, the solar batteries getting exposed to the light source one after the other. It’s a rather elegant solution that’s very possible to recreate at home.
electromagnetism  motor  sagemath 
29 days ago by euler

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