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How to Android without Google [easy way]
This guide shows how to install LineageOS without GApps with the help of signature spoofing and microG, so that you can have Push Notifications, Location Services and the like, without needing to have Google Play Services installed. (Without Google-anything for that matter)
Android  MotoG  Nexus_5X  OnePlus_2 
june 2018 by platykurtic
Lineage OS - AOSP+ Android
So, yes, this is us. LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. To quote Andy Rubin, this is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.
Android  Galaxy_Tab2  OnePlus_2  Nexus_5X  MotoG 
january 2017 by platykurtic
RT Fenced . Check out my 500px clicked by and MotorolaIndia NikonIndia …
photography  NikonD3300  MotoG  from twitter
january 2016 by mvlprovider

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