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$SPY dont be a BISH

at some point you have to be SICK and TIRED of not being
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$SPY Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS // you think trading is hard? WAH WAH.
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Eric Heiden on Training - YouTube
eric heiden's dad: if you want to be a champion, you have to train like a champion.
5 days ago by sh
Our chatbot can tell you a cool thing to do. Just give it a try!
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11 days ago by dchesters
Understanding human behaviors in UX Writing – Prototypr
When you’re writing for an app or website, it is important to understand the users’ behavior at any given situation. UX Writers don’t have to be psychologists but they should have some level of psychology in order to write more targeted copies.
Like designers, UX Writers always start with qualitative research to empathize with users. Data from the research would then be converted to useful framework, some of the most common are storyboard, user journey, persona profiling and so on.
Empathy is necessary in creating Human-Centered products. However, UX Writers (and especially copywriters) sometimes have to write for non-human-centered situations. Although the name defies the purpose of ‘User Experience’, many scenarios call for a change in behavior rather than working with the their wants and needs.
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12 days ago by gwippich

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