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Leap Motion
Leap Motion’s natural and intuitive technology is used by over 300,000 developers worldwide to create new realities for people to live, work, and play.
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10 days ago by gwippich
How to turn off motion smoothing on your high-definition TV - The Verge
What you really want to do is turn off what LG calls MEMC, which manages video interpolation. Go to “picture settings,” “picture mode settings,” “picture options,” and “TruMotion.” You can turn it off from there.
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13 days ago by pipthepixie
Motion impossible: Tom Cruise declares war on TV frame interpolation • The Guardian
Stuart Heritage:
<p>This has been a landmark year for Tom Cruise. In Mission: Impossible – Fallout he made the action film of his career. He’s currently filming a sequel to one of his most beloved films, Top Gun. And it’s been rumoured that he has plans to make history by literally filming Mission: Impossible 7 in space.

How on earth could Tom Cruise manage to top all this? Simple. He’s made a video urging you to switch off motion smoothing on your TV. For this, he deserves everything. Welcome back, Tom. We’ve missed you.

At 9:46 last night, Tom <a href="">tweeted an 87-second video</a> in which he and his go-to director Christopher McQuarrie explained the concept of video interpolation and why it is the death of all good things. Video interpolation, they explained, is a digital video effect used to improve the quality of high-definition sport. “The unfortunate effect is that it makes most movies look like they were shot on high-speed video rather than film,” said Cruise. “This is sometimes referred to as the ‘soap-opera effect’.” They explained that most HD televisions come with video interpolation switched on by default, they explained how to switch it off, and then they both nodded with total sincerity…

…you’d better believe that, if Tom Cruise wants you to turn off motion smoothing on your television, you will turn off motion smoothing on your television. This video is just the start. The next stage will be visiting your house personally and asking you nicely. After that he’ll visit your house and verbally threaten you. If you still haven’t switched off motion smoothing by then, Tom Cruise will force himself through your TV screen using willpower alone, like the girl from The Ring, grab the remote out of your dumb cow hands and turn off motion smoothing himself. He will do whatever it takes.</p>

Come on, I mean, just for the headline alone.
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13 days ago by charlesarthur
Graphics Pack by motioncan | VideoHive
Check out the 750 Motion Graphics element pack for After Effects here:
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14 days ago by lrolecek

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