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Sex Differences in Visual Motion Processing: Current Biology
we report a marked sex difference in a visual motion perception task among neurotypical adults. Motion duration thresholds [ 4 , 5 ]—the minimum duration needed to accurately perceive motion direction—were considerably shorter for males than females. We replicated this result across three laboratories and 263 total participants. This type of enhanced performance has previously been observed only in special populations including ASD, depression, and senescence [ 6 , 7 , 8 ]. The observed sex difference cannot be explained by general differences in speed of visual processing, overall visual discrimination abilities, or potential motor-related differences.
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6 days ago by danhon
'Best of' Real-Time Winner on Using iPhone X to Produce Stunning Mocap - ACM SIGGRAPH Blog
In August, SIGGRAPH attendees were wowed by some of the industry’s greatest minds in real-time production during Real-Time Live! One project in particular stood out among the rest: “Democratising Mocap: Real-Time Full-Performance Motion Capture with an iPhone X, Xsens, IKINEMA, and Unreal Engine.” This demonstration took home the SIGGRAPH 2018 Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity Award for its impressive use of off-the-shelf technology to create a live, portable motion-capture (mocap) setup. We went behind the scenes with one of the creators, Cory Strassburger (co-founder, Kite & Lighting), to learn more about the process, his experience as a Real-Time Live! demonstrator, and what inspires him.
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6 days ago by euler
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Gunner by Stephen Kelleher
(Est. 2015) “Gunner is a Detroit based animation and illustration studio. We are a team of artists who obsess over creating imagery that hypnotizes and stirs that lil’ feeling in our guts. Each project is an opportunity to outdo our last, try something different and make new friends.”
branding  identity  inspiration  design  animation  motion 
8 days ago by Shoord
Sculpting Software Animation – Pasquale D’Silva – Medium
We typically notice when things move, and stop noticing them when they’re still.

[…] Inexperienced Interface Animators tend to over-animate everything. This is conflated with the pursuit of ‘delight’. They maintain a preciousness around the keyframes they placed, forgetting it will grow tired on the eye.

[…] Don’t trust the numbers, trust your eyes and feelings first. You can bend the rules of reality. Motion is an illusion, and you get to be the magician.
Consider the motivation & intent of each element you choreograph. Literal isn’t always better. Animation is a medium where the impossible is appropriate. It’s right when it feels right.
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11 days ago by Shoord

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