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College First - kurushi
Wednesday struggles to feel comfortable with her identity as an Addams and a mother, while living in a world that is far too normal. [10,332 words]
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11 days ago by cunningplan
"Interview: Kate Zambreno Talks 'Screen Tests' And Pregnancy," NYLON
"For me, having a child and falling in love with a child made me reckon with mortality in a way that I hadn't before, and I think that really changed me. I think that sense of acquiescence is there in the new work and also the recognition of how small my work is. I think that's why it's gotten smaller, because it's not more important to me than life—it may have been before, but now life is more important to me and writing happens in the margins. There's a beauty to that."
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4 weeks ago by briansholis
Maternal Gaze Behaviors During Latching-On for Breastfeeding. - PubMed - NCBI
Studies in various fields have demonstrated that experts use specific gaze strategies to achieve better performance. Therefore, we hypothesized that mothers familiar with breastfeeding would use a specific gaze strategy to achieve better latching-on.
A head-mounted eye tracker was used to record pupil positions from 14 breastfeeding mothers with 1-month-old infants. Eye gazes were analyzed during the latching-on and assessment phases.
During the latching-on phase, participants tended to fixate on their breast, the infant's lower face, an intermediate region between the infant's face and the breast, and the region of contact between the infant's mouth and the breast. Once the infant latched onto the breast, mothers typically assessed the latch by fixating on their breast or the region of contact between the infant's mouth and the breast. The gaze patterns were generally maintained without being influenced by the subtask properties of each phase.
Similar to previous studies, we found that mothers fixated on specific locations that were relevant to the current breastfeeding subtask, suggesting that the gaze behavior contributes to the execution of latching-on. Therefore, it is important to consider that successful latching-on is influenced by maternal physical movements and efficient gazing behaviors."
gaze  breastfeeding  motherhood  psychology  neuroscience  eyetracking 
7 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
''Lost in Translation'' illustrates the misogyny that mothers face, and how I can't stand the ''childfree'' type of disdain for mothers : GenderCritical
I mention this ancient film because it bugs me and I feel that it needs to be said. As a feminist, I see this movie in an entirely different way than how the director intended, and because of that, I feel the need to point out what it actually shows in my eyes, because what it tries to say, shows how we as a culture think, and how we consume, interpret and internalize misogynistic messages that may not be that obvious because our bias is pro-male to begin with.
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12 weeks ago by paniedejmirade
Good morning! New at , we sent to the Mom 2.0 Summit to learn how to better perform
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12 weeks ago by kohlmannj

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