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Accumulations (Appendix F) - The White Review
I’ve been keeping a mental list of all the pieces of art that I’ve nursed Leo in front of this past year. I remember at first, the two times I was out in public afterwards, both times at the Whitney, I was nervous to take my breast out, because Leo was crying and people were staring, I felt panicky and self-conscious, which I think made the baby more agitated. I became used to taking my breast out in art spaces, and began to savour it with sometimes a fatigued perversity and other times something more sacred, like the installation at the Lygia Pape show at the Met Breuer, in the corner of the nearly pitch-black room where gold thread made geometric curtains like beams of light, or recently on a bench in front of the El Greco ‘Holy Family’ at the Met, the way in which Mary presses down on her breast and points the nipple towards baby Jesus, both her and Joseph gazing downwards at the central point of the baby, the baby’s little hand on his mother’s hand.
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This new experience of gives me a whole new appreciation of good product design. If I can do things qui…
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Parenthood, Family Friendly Firms, and the Gender Gaps in Early Work Careers
We find that women disproportionately sort into family friendly firms after first birth and that the wage penalty to motherhood is diminished by being assigned to a more family friendly firm or job. We also find that working in a more family friendly firm or job diminishes the parenthood penalty to labor earnings and makes it easier for mothers to work more hours. At the same time, the smaller wage and income penalties to parents from working in family friendly firms and jobs come at the expense of their occupational progression, especially among mothers, impeding their ability to climb career ladders.
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16 days ago by brycecovert
Fighting for My Son With Cystic Fibrosis
To fight for my son, I have to argue that he should never have been born.
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7 weeks ago by stacyleekong
Single Motherhood and Life Satisfaction in Comparative Perspective: Do Institutional and Cultural Contexts Explain the Life Satisfaction Penalty for Single Mothers?Journal of Family Issues - Matthias Pollmann-Schult, 2017
single women residing in countries with supportive family policies and high levels of gender equality report similar levels of life satisfaction than childless singles. This latter finding challenges the notion that single motherhood inevitably reduces women’s life satisfaction.
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