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After Birth: How Motherhood Changed My Relationship With My Body
"I put that part of myself away for a long, long time."
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4 days ago by ingenu
This is a photo my took of me. It has the intimacy of . I love her. If you have not read about my…
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13 days ago by dyma
Plot twist: Mitochondrial DNA can come from both parents | Ars Technica
Study confirms rare paternal mitochondrial transmission in three families.
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7 weeks ago by xer0x
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Mother [NES]

Mother 1+2 [Gameboy Advance]

Mother 3 [Gameboy Advance]

Mother 3 (Eng. Translation 1.1) [Gameboy Advance]

Earthbound [Super Nintendo]
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7 weeks ago by robertogreco
Fighting the patriarchy one grandpa at a time
To the other adults in the room this is fine.

A grown man looms behind my three-year-old daughter. Occasionally he will poke or tickle her and she responds by shrinking. Smaller and smaller with each unwanted advance. I imagine her trying to become slight enough to slip out of her booster seat and slide under the table.

When my mother views this scene, she sees playful taunting. A grandfather engaging with his granddaughter.

“Mae.” My tone cuts through the din of a familiar family gathering together. She does not look at me.

“Mae.” I start again. “You can tell him no Mae. If this isn’t okay you could say something like, Papa, please back up—I would like some space for my body.”
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7 weeks ago by Quercki

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