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How to remove moss from an asphalt roof
Good suggestions, from a column in The Washington Post; 2016-Jan-20.
roof  moss  roofing  home-maintenance 
september 2018 by amoore
Roof moss and zinc strips? | Fine Homebuilding
Several posts in this forum thread mention good results with using Tide laundry detergent (which apparently has bleach in it); 2007.
2007  roof  roofing  moss  zinc  home 
september 2018 by amoore
Semi-Long Term Experiment Results: Zinc Strips Kill Moss on Roofs
Somebody actually did a before/after test to determine the effectiveness of zinc strips dealing with moss. Over a 16-month period, there was a dramatic improvement. 2011-Nov-8
2011  moss  zinc  roof  roofing  home 
september 2018 by amoore
Preventing Roof Moss with Zinc Strips | This Old House
Video showing how to install zinc flashing under a course of roof shingles to prevent moss & lichen. Important to place the nail *under* a shingle and then seal it with caulk/adhesive.
roof  roofing  moss  ThisOldHouse  home  zinc 
september 2018 by amoore
Installing Copper Strips Under Shingles - Ask the Builder
Ask the Builder video and article describing how to install a copper strip/sheet on the roof ridge to prevent roof algae. It's critical to use copper ring-shanked nails of sufficient length (that completely penetrate roof deck).
roofing  moss  home  roof  copper 
september 2018 by amoore
How to Keep Moss and Algae Off Of Your Asphalt Roof
By monitoring your asphalt roof for signs of moss, mildew, and algae growth, you can make sure that it stays looking as good as the day it was first installed.
moss  algae  asphalt-roofing  roofing 
june 2018 by Adventure_Web

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