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Mosh: the mobile shell
Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. Like SSH secure shell, but allows mobility and more responsive and robust.
mobile  shell  ssh  mosh  terminal  cli  linux 
4 days ago by gzfrancisco
Web Development On An iPad – Actualize – Medium
Apple has always tried to market the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. This might work out for college students or people in certain professions where the available iOS apps cover their daily needs…
dsss  mosh  mobile 
29 days ago by brenthueth
Fresh mosh install exits immediately with locale errors and "did not find mosh server startup message" · Issue #793 · mobile-shell/mosh
(I am not a Linux person, help a n00b out) I followed the instructions on the Getting Started page to install mosh locally on my Macbook running OSX and then installed mosh on my Ubuntu server running on Digital Ocean. I am able to SSH i...
locale  mosh 
8 weeks ago by psm

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