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Mosaically ® - Photo Mosaic Creator (Free & Online)
Use your own photos to create your own photo mosaic. Zoom in and see all the small pictures. Share with friends. Order print. Buy download. Free shipping!
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4 weeks ago by kpieper876
Tracking People Without GPS - Schneier on Security
Twenty questions gets you a long way… so what could you learn if you joined <20 pieces of data together…
security  privacy  locationdata  location  mosaic 
5 weeks ago by psychemedia
This morning at , Cristian was recognized by one of our valued customers for his exceptional s…
Mosaic  JFK  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by sogrady
Deep Learning and Google Street View Can Predict Neighborhood Politics from Parked Cars - IEEE Spectrum
Ah ha… Google figures out it may be able to estimate socioeconomic status of neightbourhoods from cars parked there:
google  panopticon  mosaic  demographics 
7 weeks ago by psychemedia
New post (Volkswagen - Beat the clock and guess which car this is. ...) has been publis…
mosaic  puzzle  volkswagen  from twitter
7 weeks ago by wotek
Technology to Out Sex Workers - Schneier on Security
The naive line against this would be: multiple identities = something to hide. So if you’ve nothing to hide…
privacy  linkage  datalinking  mosaic 
october 2017 by psychemedia

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