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How WhatsApp Destroyed A Village
"The Indian government, however, had been hoping for more: It had asked for WhatsApp to develop tools to help trace the origin of messages, ostensibly to help authorities hunt down the creators of the fake videos.

Carl Woog, a spokesperson for WhatsApp, provided the following statement to BuzzFeed News: “We believe that building ‘traceability’ into WhatsApp would undermine end-to-end encryption and the private nature of WhatsApp creating the potential for serious misuse. As we go forward, WhatsApp remains committed to working with others in society on the challenge of misinformation though we will not weaken the privacy protections we provide.”
"The  Indian  government  however  had  been  hoping  for  more:  It  asked  WhatsApp  to  develop  tools  help  trace  the  origin  of  messages  ostensibly  authorities  hunt  down  creators  fake  videos.  Carl  Woog  a  spokesperson  provided  following  statement  BuzzFeed  News:  “We  believe  that  building  ‘traceability’  into  would  undermine  end-to-end  encryption  and  private  nature  creating  potential  serious  misuse.  As  we  go  forward  remains  committed  working  with  others  in  society  on  challenge  misinformation  though  will  not  weaken  privacy  protections  provide.” 
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iPhone Ex No More: The Best iPhone X Deal In Singapore
About half a year has passed since the launch of the iPhone X, and an estimate by Strategy Analytics shows that the device is the world’s most popular smartphone. With about 4.6% the total market share, the Apple iPhone X is joined by its younger siblings, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone 7...

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iPhone  Ex  No  More:  The  Best  X  Deal  In  Singapore 
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FuelBand no more: Nike lays off hardware division as it abandons wearables
One of the first brands to make wearables is getting out of the market, does this mean the future is dimming for the form factor? Nike has laid off the majority of its 70-person hardware team, and is killing the FuelBand line as it “refocuses” its business efforts according to a report from CNET. “As [...]

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FuelBand  no  more:  Nike  lays  off  hardware  division  as  it  abandons  wearables 
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fiìzi:k R1 - Road Shoes - YouTube
fiìzi:k R1 - Road Shoes, fi'zi:k R1. High Performance Professional Cycling Shoes. Handmade in Italy. Life is a road - and the road is my life. Discover more: ...
fiìzi:k  R1  Shoes  fizikTV  fi'zi:k  R1.  High  Performance  Professional  Cycling  Shoes.  Handmade  in  Italy.  Life  is  road  my  life.  Discover  more: 
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