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What makes some parents fall for anti-vaccine messaging - Vox
On the flip side, the paper also helps explain why anti-vaxxers’ messages may appeal to this group of parents. As the researchers wrote, “Anti-vaccination websites also often claim that vaccines contain ‘contaminants’. These concerns may be rooted in the purity moral foundation, with its emphasis on avoiding anything disgusting or unnatural. Another frequent message on anti-vaccine websites is that mandatory vaccination policies violate parental civil liberties.”

The results suggest that pro-vaccine communications could be strengthened by taking a page from the anti-vax book — and presenting messages that better align with purity and liberty.

“You could increase the salience of disgust associated with certain diseases, and say vaccines fight those,” said the Emory study’s senior author, Dr. Saad Omer. “Or you could frame purity positively — saying vaccines are a very natural product, they work with a natural system. Messages that talk about liberty, that the freedom to choose for your child is being taken away if other others don’t vaccinate, might work.”
Vaccines  Moral_Foundations_Theory  morals  research  Vox  communication  framing 
7 weeks ago by junkie.dolphin
The bishops condemned moral relativism and the 'law of nature' that puts men on the same level as animals
“To those seeing her from outside, the Church appears in the West as an old and shaken institution of scandals,” Aupetit said, while warning against the “myth of progress” in Western society “that is invoked without knowing exactly where it leads.”“But the Church is beautiful – in the face of her saints, in the immense mantle of tenderness which she spreads over the world, especially over the most neglected of men. She is the ‘expert in humanity’ because her faith is based on God’s Covenant with His people, fulfilled in the Incarnation of Christ and Salvation by the Cross, open to the multitude of men ‘of every race, language, people and nation.'”The Bishop of Blois, Jean-Pierre Batut, said at the document’s release that moral discussion had been distorted by relativism, and that without an understanding of the common dignity of human nature it was impossible to present the Church’s teaching in its fullness.Natural law must be understood as the moral framework for all humanity, the bishops wrote, and not confused with the “law of nature,” which would place mankind on the same moral level as animals.
C.Herald  catholic  France  morals 
11 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Opinion | I Used to Work for Google. I Am a Conscientious Objector. - The New York Times
If it is morally defensible, tech companies should have nothing to fear from discussions of the human rights implications of their work, whether that discussion happens in the boardroom or public square.
humanrights  whistleblower  workers  strike  morals  socialgood  tech4good 
12 weeks ago by vanevery
Kinship, Cooperation, and the Evolution of Moral Systems* | The Quarterly Journal of Economics | Oxford Academic
"Across the social sciences, a key question is how societies manage to enforce cooperative behavior in social dilemmas such as public goods provision or bilateral trade. According to an influential body of theories in psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology, the answer is that humans have evolved moral systems: packages of functional psychological and biological mechanisms that regulate economic behavior, including a belief in moralizing gods; moral values; negative reciprocity; and emotions of shame, guilt, and disgust. Based on a stylized model, this article empirically studies the structure and evolution of these moral traits as a function of historical heterogeneity in extended kinship relationships. The evidence shows that societies with a historically tightly knit kinship structure regulate behavior through communal moral values, revenge taking, emotions of external shame, and notions of purity and disgust. In loose kinship societies, on the other hand, cooperation appears to be enforced through universal moral values, internalized guilt, altruistic punishment, and an apparent rise and fall of moralizing religions. These patterns point to the presence of internally consistent but culturally variable functional moral systems. Consistent with the model, the relationship between kinship ties, economic development, and the structure of the mediating moral systems amplified over time."
moral_psychology  morals  culture  ben.enke  QJE 
april 2019 by MarcK
Trump and Nietzsche | The History of Emotions Blog
When one reads the great prophets of moral philosophy – the Buddha, Plato, the Stoics, Christ, the author of the Upanishads – one notices that they all preach self-knowledge, self-examination, self-control, sobriety, chastity and asceticism of the body. Only through this self-denial, we are told, can the virtuous person go beyond desires and appetites, beyond appearances, beyond impermanence, and arrive at some transcendental resting place – the One, God, the Logos, Buddha-nature, Brahman.

Nietzsche, through his great ‘transvaluation of values’, turns all these systems on their head. Their morality is not virtue and health. It is sickness, weakness, pessimism, nihilism, a symptom of decadence and decline. It is the consolation of the weak, the broken and the disappointed, those who turn wearily from life and ‘put their last trust in a sure nothing rather than an uncertain something’.
pol.505  pol.508  Passions  reasoning  Power_materials  Trump  Power_in_America  philosophy  morals 
april 2019 by Jibarosoy
Change my view: Moral foundations theory and you
Anyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong and not just wrong, but morally repugnant and evil.
What do you think? Is it really likely that everyone that disagrees with you is somehow a monster? Or perhaps it's something else...
Over the last few years we've seen a lot of viewpoint polarization. But why does this happen? And what does this tell us about our approaches to Agile?
In this session we'll look at Moral Foundations Theory and how what we value and hold dear can influence our views on an issue.
We'll also play a game developed at the Agile Games conference based on this framework that will challenge you to take yourself out of your normal comfort zone and see the world from another perspective.
Passions  reasoning  teaching_pol_theory  Pol.11  Pol.12  pol.505  morals  emotional  Power_in_America 
february 2019 by Jibarosoy
Young people who play video games have higher moral reasoning skills •
Rhiannon Williams:
<p>Researchers from Bournemouth University asked 166 adolescents aged between 11 and 18-years old about their video game habits and questions designed to measure their moral development – the thought process behind determining what is right or wrong.

The children and teenagers who said they played more video games from a wide variety of genres had increased moral reasoning scores, including titles containing violent content.

Violent games were found to have a positive relationship with moral reasoning while mature content was more likely to produce a negative one, the report published in published in journal Frontiers in Psychology found.

The Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty franchises were highlighted as examples of titles related to lower moral scores, alongside variables including the length of time spent playing games, how many years they’ve been playing games, the level of engagement and m0ral narrative within a game.

Male participants displayed significantly higher moral reasoning scores than their female counterparts, which contradicted previous findings, the researchers claimed. Girls also experienced higher levels of stress while playing…

…The study suggested several explanations for the higher moral scores, including that developed moral reasoning could be supported by higher proficiency at morally disengaging with the subject, e.g. the ability to view the game as ‘just a game’.</p>
videogames  morals 
february 2019 by charlesarthur
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. the "fact-checkers": Challenging the boundaries of conventional wisdom |
So, read in context, everything AOC said was true, even if we accept Kessler’s factual counterclaims! The entire fact-checking ritual was a charade. As I suggested earlier, it was really a boundary-policing episode, meant to keep her "radical" ideas outside the sphere of legitimate debate by portraying her as untrustworthy. Further, it was meant to deter others from similar infractions while trying to break through the barriers excluding them from legitimacy. (See AOC's related Twitter thread on "gravitas" here.)

But the problem is that Kessler's implied boundaries are not worth policing, or even recognizing. The whole system is in crisis, and the mainstream media’s assessment of what is deviant, what reflects normative consensus and what represents legitimate debate bears little or no relationship to reality. Take two other examples AOC has been associated with — raising top marginal tax rates to 70 percent and a Green New Deal.
AOC  Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez  facts  morals  PolitiFact 
february 2019 by Quercki
Trump’s America: Aggrieved and Adoring Voices From Inside the Presidential Bubble - The New York Times
But inside the bubble, it is different. Inside, supporters share Mr. Trump’s view that men are the aggrieved gender. Inside, they vent their fury at Democrats and the news media using the president’s incendiary language. Inside, they harbor Mr. Trump’s conspiracy theories and echo his dark fear of immigrants.

Like Mr. Trump, the president’s most fervent supporters are not swayed by facts they consider inconvenient. Mr. Trump tells them the economy is the best the country has ever had, and they believe him, even if their communities are still struggling. The attacks on Mr. Trump only reinforce what they believe: He is on their side, no matter what.
In dozens of interviews with Republican voters at 11 rallies across eight states, one thing is clear: The country is no longer divided into Red America and Blue America. It is cleaved cleanly between two realities — Trump’s America and everyone else.
Trump  Passions  reasoning  state  Power_in_America  Psychology  morals  trust  Violence_y_Power  Leadership 
december 2018 by Jibarosoy

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