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Meme Distorts Quran Verses
A viral meme has paired old misrepresentations of the Quran with a picture of Rep. Ilhan Omar.
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march 2019 by goodmanbrown
On Assisted Dying And Non-Neutrality
Gerald Dworkin argues that the AMA should support laws permitting VAE.
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october 2018 by goodmanbrown
Seven contributors give a more-substantive-than-usual overview of issues of cultural appropriation in pop music.
cultural-appropriation  moral-problems 
august 2018 by goodmanbrown
10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee - YouTube
This is potentially worth posting as supplemental material for seated classes that include a fair amount of small-group discussion.
video  teaching  small-group-discussions  moral-problems  intro-phil 
may 2017 by goodmanbrown
BBC - Ethics - Animal ethics: Experimenting on animals
A quick overview of the basic lay of the land from the BBC. Mostly avoids the problem of contested facts by going the he-said, she-said route.
moral-problems  bioethics  animal-research 
march 2017 by goodmanbrown
Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Testing | The Physicians Committee
One of the missions of the PCRM is to promote the switch from animal models to non-animal models. I don't know, though, how they are viewed in the medical research community.
bioethics  moral-problems  animal-research 
march 2017 by goodmanbrown
Resources - Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
The CAAT at Johns Hopkins has a pretty good resource center on the current applications of alternatives to animal models.
bioethics  moral-problems  research-ethics  animals 
march 2017 by goodmanbrown

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