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command line - How do I start Chrome using a specified "user profile"? - Super User
GUI method with proper icon (for Windows)

Type chrome://settings/ in address bar (or Menu > Settings)
Scroll down to Users section
Select the user marked (current) & click Edit button
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13 days ago by ndf
Why do I recieve BUG: soft lockup kernel messages
Why do I recieve BUG: soft lockup kernel messages
Error messages similar to the following appear in the kernel message log:

kernel: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 10s! [events/0:50]
The CentOS/RHEL kernel has a default softlockup threshold of 10 seconds. This can sometimes be too low if the system is very busy with I/O.

We have also seen these messages on an idle system with a large core count. In this case it may be caused by a bug in the kernel when the CPU wakes up from an extended idle period.

The following Redhat knowledge base article has some additional information:

The problem can often be worked around by increasing the softlockup threshold to are larger value. For example:

echo 120 > /proc/sys/kernel/softlockup_thresh

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21 days ago by ndf
RPI vcgencmd usage -
vcgencmd commands

... Find power source ??
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5 weeks ago by ndf
Course: Digital Literacy
Art and Media
Digital Literacy
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About this course

This course explores Digital Literacy and its importance for teachers and students. The course is optimised for the mobile app. Please try it out!



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