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Just Hold On Tight - EmAndFandems
Summary: How could any words possibly contain all of this, everything they are?(In which love languages are A Thing.)

|| Like two drunk girls crying in a bathroom "no YOU'RE beautiful" at each other.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley 
9 weeks ago by Carnadosa
on the necessity of a temptation - darcylindbergh
Summary: “Let’s get lunch,” Crowley said, sauntering into the bookshop one October afternoon, his hair a little windswept and his cheeks a little pink from the chill, “what do you think, Le Café du Marché?”

Whatever it was that was waiting to give inside Aziraphale’s chest snapped like a twig. He didn’t even like French food.

“Crowley,” Aziraphale said, setting down his book with an argumentative slap. “You don’t even like French food.”


The world hadn’t ended, which was all well and good. If only this had. This, of course, being lunch.

|| ugh ok but that whole bit with the register.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Story_Length:Short  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  SD:Sex  Mood:Sweet 
9 weeks ago by Carnadosa
jewelry - niqaeli
Summary: On entering the bookshop, Crowley loses just a fraction of his swagger. And everything would probably have proceeded apace as per usual, except Crowley has always had an eye for flash. For any kind of glitter, anything sparkly or shiny. And Aziraphale had entirely forgotten, but his wrist—

Well, Crowley notices.

|| I think they're married now? right?
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Story_Length:Short  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Mood:Sweet 
july 2019 by Carnadosa
Set me as a seal upon your heart, / as a seal upon your arm; - yolkinthejump
Summary: Sometime in the future, Aziraphale and Crowley go on a picnic. Aziraphale does a magic trick.

Alt. title is "Picnic Park Proposal."

|| Long moments pass before the sheer feeling pulls at Aziraphale until he can’t help but look away from his page, go quiet with a finger marking his place, to glance at Crowley instead. Crowley stares back. Has he been watching him read, this whole time? (Aziraphale knows the answer to this, and shivers pleasantly.)

“You’re very loud, my dear.”


“Mm. Enchantingly so,” Aziraphale says, bringing the hand still clutching the book to his chest. He reaches down to tuck a strand of hair behind Crowley’s ear, and Crowley winks at him. Cheek.

The motion of his caress causes the gold of Aziraphale’s signet ring to catch the sunlight, reflect back in Crowley’s brilliant amber eyes, and Crowley reaches up, takes Aziraphale’s hand in his. He strokes over the ring a few moments, thoughtful, before rolling onto his side and propping himself up on one elbow. The way his jumper falls around him in excess makes Aziraphale ache with tenderness.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  SD:Marriage  Story_Length:Short  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Mood:Sweet 
july 2019 by Carnadosa
Build Our Kingdom - Mackem
Summary: “Ready for lunch?” Crowley drops to his knees to start unbuckling the straps on the basket as though this is something they do all the time; as though he hasn’t just effortlessly catapulted Aziraphale back in time almost fifty years.

“You remembered,” Aziraphale breathes as wonder courses through him. He mentioned something once during an awkward moment, half a century ago, and now here kneels a demon atop a picnic blanket.

“Hmm?” Crowley barely shoots him a sidelong glance as he concentrates on opening the basket.

Aziraphale’s eyes do not move from him. “You remembered,” he repeats, no less stunned. “Crowley, you really didn’t have to.”

Crowley’s hands still. Eventually, his eyes still on the basket, he murmurs, “Well, we did The Ritz, didn’t we?”

|| “I’m not all-powerful, Aziraphale,” Crowley reminds him. “Don’t come crying to me when your sandwiches are soggy! I can’t control entropy!”

“You stopped time for me, once,” Aziraphale murmurs, and Crowley’s mouth snaps shut. Aziraphale’s fingers tug once more at the collar of his shirt, then smooth over the sharp line of his collarbone, because he can. Because finally, nobody is watching. “Just because I asked.”

“Yeah, well,” Crowley grumbles moodily after a long second. He sniffs, then places a hand over Aziraphale’s to squeeze it gently, the action a soft counterpoint to his affected nonchalance. “That was the end of the world. This is just cake.”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Story_Length:Short  Mood:Sweet 
june 2019 by Carnadosa
Susceptible to Summer - apliddell
Summary: One would think nearly everything would be an anticlimax after preventing the end of the world, but one would be wrong. There are always still good things to do.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Story_Length:Short  fandom:good_omens  Pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  Mood:Sweet 
june 2019 by Carnadosa
afternoon delight
Summary: Thorin reflects, enjoys a view, and spends an afternoon doing what he does best as the Husband under the Hill: loving Bilbo Baggins.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  SD:Sex  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Mood:Sweet 
december 2018 by Carnadosa
Hidden Kitty (Fictober)
“Can you feel this?”

Bilbo hummed, in a manner intended to be both appreciative and noncommittal. He lay half reclined against soft, shaggy goatskins and tapestry pillows, with his abandoned book still open on the nightstand beside him. If he lolled his head back just right and squinted, he could even still read it.

“Bilbo, my love,” said Thorin.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
october 2018 by Carnadosa
Rest and Recuperation
Summary: Whilst the rest of the Company enjoy the feasting and festivities of Lake-town, poor Bilbo is still laid up with that terrible cold from the barrel incident. Thorin takes some time out to check on him.

[Combines book and movie canons]
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Mood:Sweet 
july 2018 by Carnadosa
Art, stories, comics and birds. — writing-prompt-s: grotty-boi: ...
“I assume you’ve never played?” I asked.

The cloaked figure across from me shook their head slowly.

“Great,” I said. “I’ll be the DM. I’ll walk you through everything. First, character creation.”
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  SD:Original_Story 
may 2018 by Carnadosa
There and Sass Again - A Love Story
Summary: After arriving at Beorn's halls, Bilbo is conscripted into helping Óin rebandage Thorin's wounds. And I'm not giving the rest away, except to be appalled at myself for embracing dwarrow humor so. ::facepalms::

(Previously known as Hurt/Comfort Humor Romance Dwarrow Courting Ritual Fic Which Stubbornly Remains Untitled. Most humble thanks to Darth Stitch, muse wrangler and dear enabler.)
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Sex  SD:Marriage  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Character:Dwalin  Character:Gandalf  Character:Oin  Story_Length:Medium  SD:Favorite_Ever  Mood:Sweet 
may 2018 by Carnadosa
She Walks In Beauty
Summary: Thorin Durinson, head of Durinson & Company, an architectural firm specializing in environmentally responsible design and restoration, focuses all his creative abilities on his work and his affection on his family and old friends. And then one grey day, a woman in a red coat literally walks into his life, and just like that, everything changes.

Inspired by a prompt from lostunderthemountain on Oct. 11th, based on this gorgeous photoset.

ME: Mmm, rolled up sleeves, and who are you looking at, dearie, in that last frame?

lostunderthemountain: OH! Modern AU in New York: Thorin Durinson is the is the Head of a global company that is continually under threat from Smaug’s (cause like they differ on many opinions or something….).

Anyway, one morning he’s getting out of a taxi outside of the company’s building when he catches sight of one Miss Bella Baggins (not that he knows her name) and instantly his world freezes…until Fili shoves him to try to get him to move…

Title from Lord Byron's poem "She Walks in Beauty"
SD:Fic  SD:Het  SD:Sex  SD:First_Time  SD:Modern_AU  Story_Length:Medium  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  SD:Always_A_Woman  SD:Sex_Swap  Character:Dwalin  Character:Fili  Character:Dis  Mood:Sweet  Mood:happy  Mood:Cuddle_Fic 
august 2017 by Carnadosa
Dance With Me
Summary: After his most recent tour, Erik Lehnsherr has finally earned the rank of Captain and a commission on a vessel all his own. With the prize money he has collected and this new rank, he finally feels secure enough in his future to propose to the man he has loved for years. He just prays that Charles is willing to have him.
SD:Fic  SD:First_Time  SD:Slash  SD:Courting_Rituals  Story_Length:Short  Mood:Sweet  SD:Historical_AU  Pairing:Erik/Charles  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:First_Class 
august 2017 by Carnadosa
it's been a long day without you, my friend
Summary: In which Thorin lives his life, wishes for more, and learns that wishes sometimes come true.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Tragically_Parted  Warning:Character_Death  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Mood:Hopeful  Mood:Sweet 
may 2017 by Carnadosa
Snow Day
Summary: Thorin has always seen snow as something to either be endured or survived.

His first winter in the Shire, however, is surprisingly fun.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
april 2017 by Carnadosa
Finding Purchase
Summary: A Gift Fic for Koorii, who is a gem.

“What are you doing in here?” Thorin gestured around the audience-chamber as he approached, his half-smile obvious even at a distance. “I mean, my throne is yours if you want it, ghivashelê, you know that, but in the middle of the night?”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
april 2017 by Carnadosa
A Hand to Hold
Summary: A belated birthday present to the lovely mithrilbikini!

Recently mith reblogged a tumblr prompt to do with height differences which stated:

“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting very suspicious.”

And I thought this one would be perfect for our pair of dorks given that Bilbo would probably be a lot smaller than most dwarves and likely get lost or trampled in crowds.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
april 2017 by Carnadosa
Nungel (Flower of all Flowers)
Recently, Bilbo seems distracted, even unhappy. But what Thorin interprets as homesickness is something different. And although Bilbo knows very well why he feels so strangely out of place, he lacks the courage to tell Thorin. It's only good that even dwarves know a thing or two about flowers ...
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
march 2017 by Carnadosa
Contributing to the Problem - Chapter 7 - kettish - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo had an inkling what he’d like to get Thorin for Yule.

They’d been working with leather lined with velvet, for the most part, with the wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar Thorin had tossed together in the day after Bilbo had first mentioned he’d be amenable to that sort of play. It’d worked admirably, honorably, and Bilbo had admittedly developed quite a fondness for the smell of leather.

If by fondness, of course, you meant an instantaneously half-full cock and a light head due to all his blood rushing south.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  Kink:Bondage  Mood:Sweet  SD:Holiday  SD:Sex 
february 2017 by Carnadosa
Fishing in the Dark
Retiring to the Shire was probably the best decision Thorin had made in the past half a century.

Erebor was, once more, a peaceful home for dwarves and thus required a new perspective - one not blurred by animosity and war. So, turning over the crown to Fíli, with the support of Dís and Kíli at his back, was the most logical decision (though his nephews loudly disagreed, they could visit every other summer).
He loved the Shire; shedding his kingly mantle and living for himself, with his hobbity husband, was a literal breath of fresh air.

What he didn’t love was hot summer nights.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  Mood:Sweet  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:The_Hobbit  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin 
february 2017 by Carnadosa

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