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Not really. <a> is anchor, so it is totally fine to use it for in-page target navigation. <a href=""> and…
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february 2019 by codepo8
A Mansion Filled With Hidden Worlds: When the Internet Was Young
"When I tell her how I encountered the burglar alarm, Anderson laughs. “There was an alarm system in the house when we bought it,” she says. “We had not yet turned it off … and some guest did something, and the alarm went off. We were dashing about with screwdrivers, trying to figure out how to disable the alarm.” The early internet’s most personable areas often felt that way because they were modeled on known places and personal histories, built by real-life friends, internet buddies, and occasionally ex-lovers. Before LambdaMOO contained the universe, it was a ranch house in California shared by three programmers and their roommates. The virtual version defied physics, but it was still a home, full of memories, faulty alarm system and all."
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january 2019 by mildlydiverting
Moo at System::Image::Update
Another Moo tutorial from Jens Rehsack
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may 2018 by lost_in_space
Evennia is an open-source library and toolkit for building multi-player online text games (MUD, MUX, MUSH, MUCK and other MU*). You easily design your entire game using normal Python modules. Apart from supporting traditional clients, Evennia comes with both a game web-client and a web-server out of the box.
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september 2017 by awhite

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