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Monzo – London’s latest Unicorn sets sight on Global expansion – Daily Fintech
It doesn’t get bigger than Monzo and its CEO Tom Blomfield for London/UK Fintech. After grabbing headlines over the past 12 months, the end of 2018, saw Monzo achieve the status of a Fintech Unicorn.
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6 days ago by marshallk
Monzo – Tone of Voice
Great guide to how Monzo aims to sound in writing.
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6 weeks ago by ids
Monzo, the U.K. challenger bank, raises £85M Series E at a £1B pre-money valuation | TechCrunch
Monzo, the U.K. challenger bank, raises £85M Series E at a £1B pre-money valuation
11 weeks ago by bmacauley
Monzo and Transparency - Only Dead Fish
There's a lot to like in how (challenger bank) Monzo go about things. As well as creating genuinely customer-centric propositions that disrupt some of the complex nonsense involved in financial services, it's the way in which they do stuff which is so refreshing. Check out, for example, their tone of voice guide which instead of being some stuffy document or playbook to be emailed around is a simple, clear, well-written, web-native, interesting and even fun thing.
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august 2018 by mikon_nikon

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