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climate station is already over 87° and we're 86° here at the office. ROLL CALL - what's it like for you…
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10 weeks ago by briantrice
Happy Friday - The sky is on fire this morning. 🔥Amazing 🌄 here in . Anyone else see it?
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march 2019 by briantrice
Deep Sea biolumeniscence
75% of deep sea creatures emit light. Some beautiful photos and video
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october 2018 by nelson
Before Robert Louis Stevenson was famous, he was captivated by California. What better place for a scandalous liaison?
MORE Links: After several months spent recovering from a pulmonary hemorrhage in a Monterey, Calif., boarding house (now Stevenson House), the struggling young writer convinced Fanny to file for divorce.
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april 2018 by ahasteve
strike breakdown: US CG61 fired 30 Tomahawks from the Red Sea, destroyer DDG58 fi…
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april 2018 by crystaltu
Radar Update 7:20AM - rain, some of it heavy, still moving through . Use caution if you're driving.
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march 2018 by briantrice

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