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'Glee' Regains Its Voice In Touching Series Finale (SPOILERS) | Glee
'Glee' Regains Its Voice In Touching Series Finale (SPOILERS) | Glee 'Glee' Regains Its Voice In Touching Series Finale (SPOILERS) | Glee from gima2327, March 21, 2015 at 04:57PM, gima2327, Twitter March 21, 2015 at 04:58PM
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Grammys broadcast flubs Cory Monteith tribute – San Jose Mercury News
San Jose Mercury NewsThe Grammys on Sunday spelled Cory Monteith’s name wrong during its tribute to entertainment figures who passed away in 2013. Remember, kids, it’s I before E except after C. Except when it’s E before I and you have a bad spell-checking guy. Thanks — I …Corey Monteith’s Name Mispelled at Grammy’s Tribute, […]
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Cory Monteith’s name misspelled in Grammys tribute – USA TODAY
USA TODAYThe Grammys fact checkers are no doubt feeling the burn today: During Sunday night’s In Memoriam tribute, Cory Monteith’s name was misspelled. As the Grammys paid tribute to stars lost in 2013, a photo of the late Glee star appeared, with the …Cory Monteith’s name spelled wrong during GrammysSan Jose Mercury NewsCory Monteith Name […]
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The 2013 Teen Choice Awards will be remembered as the night Harry Styles showed the World he could twerk. Other than that, Lea Michele remembers Cory Monteith, Demi Lovato seemed to be mentioned so many times I thought she was supposed to be knighted, and Nikky Raney’s Favorite TV Show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ got a […]
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