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Trash Gryphons!
Gryphons imagined with new combinations: Pigeon-rat, sparrow-mouse, vulture-opossom, and crow-raccoon
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7 days ago by spaceninja
Technological and Posthuman Zones – Critical Posthumanism
Modern technology seems always to have been judged according to its utility for human beings. To the extent that technologies have been viewed as tools, instruments, or prostheses for human use, and thus under human control, they have largely been seen in positive, utopian terms.
additivism  anthropocene  environment  human  monsters  nature  posthumanism  technology  zone  stream 
november 2018 by therourke
There be monsters: from cabinets of curiosity to demons within | Aeon Essays
In 2003, a team of scientists in China managed to create embryos containing a mix of rabbit and human DNA. Most of the biological matter was human, while the rabbit DNA was present only in the mitochondria, the energy-generators of the cells.
additivism  cephalopod  history  hybrids  language  monster  monsters  monstrosity  octopus  other  stream 
november 2018 by therourke
p5.js | get started
Learn to code for artistic people and kids. People who are visual rather than analytical.
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october 2018 by lost_in_space

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