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mg.metric geometry - Pushing convex bodies together - MathOverflow
- volume of intersection of colliding, constant-velocity convex bodies is unimodal
- pf by Brunn-Minkowski inequality
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january 2017 by nhaliday
probability - How to prove Bonferroni inequalities? - Mathematics Stack Exchange
- integrated version of inequalities for alternating sums of (N choose j), where r.v. N = # of events occuring
- inequalities for alternating binomial coefficients follow from general property of unimodal (increasing then decreasing) sequences, which can be gotten w/ two cases for increasing and decreasing resp.
- the final alternating zero sum property follows for binomial coefficients from expanding (1 - 1)^N = 0
- The idea of proving inequality by integrating simpler inequality of r.v.s is nice. Proof from CS 150 was more brute force from what I remember.
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january 2017 by nhaliday
Monotonic Reasoning on the Semantic Web ?
A great way to get a rapid overview of this important topic. Would like to see more like this.
logic  semantic-web  monotonicity 
june 2007 by iand
Language Log: Negation, over- and under-
Same old negation fun -- this time in Hagar the Horrible!
negation  monotonicity  language 
december 2005 by tikitu NO LONGER UNABLE.
another example of negation/monotonicity difficulty -- although in this case it could be a subtle joke
negation  monotonicity  phd 
december 2005 by tikitu
Language Log: Why are negations so easy to fail to miss?
difficulties with interactions between negation and downward monotonicity
negation  language  phd  monotonicity 
december 2005 by tikitu

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