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fstab/grok_exporter: Export Prometheus metrics from arbitrary unstructured log data.
Grok is a tool to parse crappy unstructured log data into something structured and queryable. Grok is heavily used in Logstash to provide log data as input for ElasticSearch.

Grok ships with about 120 predefined patterns for syslog logs, apache and other webserver logs, mysql logs, etc. It is easy to extend Grok with custom patterns.

The grok_exporter aims at porting Grok from the ELK stack to Prometheus monitoring. The goal is to use Grok patterns for extracting Prometheus metrics from arbitrary log files.
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yesterday by some_hren
Capturing and enhancing in situ system observability for failure detection
"Today the state of the practice is to log and try to recover from a failed call at the client, while a totally separate failure detection infrastructure is responsible for figuring out whether or not things are working as desired. What Panorama does is turn clients into observers and reporters of the components they call, using these observations to determine component health."
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2 days ago by aapl
LibreNMS is an autodiscovering PHP/MySQL-based network monitoring system.
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