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Certificate Assessment | Qualys, Inc.
Next-generation cloud app for continuous monitoring, dynamic dashboarding and custom reporting of certificate issues and vulnerabilities
SSL  certificate  TLS  monitor  report  expiration  date  grade  issuer  name  vulnerability  security 
7 hours ago by ebouchut
svn-monitor/ at master · acurci/svn-monitor
SVN Monitor for Ubuntu. Contribute to acurci/svn-monitor development by creating an account on GitHub.
python  subversion  notify  svn  monitor 
11 hours ago by cjoker
Comcast/kuberhealthy: Easy synthetic testing for Kubernetes clusters. Works great with Prometheus.
Easy synthetic testing for Kubernetes clusters. Works great with Prometheus. - Comcast/kuberhealthy
monitor  monitoring  opensource  kubernetes  prometheus  testing  tools 
23 hours ago by devnulled
GitHub - marcingminski/sqlwatch: Community driven SQL Server Performance Monitor
Community driven SQL Server Performance Monitor. Contribute to marcingminski/sqlwatch development by creating an account on GitHub.
sqlserver  dashboard  performance  monitor 
4 days ago by cothrun
Uptime Robot
50 Monitors, Checked Every 5 Minutes, Totally Free!
monitoring  monitor  uptime  service  ping  tools 
6 days ago by danroc

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