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Mongoose ODM
elegant mongodb object modeling for node.js
node  nodejs  javascript  mongo  mongodb  library  object  database  nosql  programming 
yesterday by vicchow
node.js webapp : mongoDB, node.js e backbone.js
un utilizzo pratico di questi 3 e più ambienti/tecnologien modo integrato
javascript  nodejs  mongodb 
2 days ago by cmenzani
A TDD Approach to Building a Todo API Using Node.js and MongoDB
NodeJS  Mongodb  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by kinlane
Spring Session (Core/MongoDB/Geode) 2.0.0.RC2 are released!

Hazelcast  Redis  Geode  Spring  MongoDB  JDBC  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by reinhard_codes
What MongoDB got Right - Made of Bugs
Outlines some of what Mongo got right instead of wrong. (From 2015, so some info is outdated - eg SQL replication got somewhat better since.)
databases  mongodb  nosql  mongodb-problems 
8 days ago by bitprophet

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