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Modern Distributed Application Deployment with Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas | MongoDB
Modern Distributed Application Deployment with Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas - Added May 04, 2018 at 01:18PM
devops  kubernetes  mongodb  read2of 
8 days ago by xenocid
How to Investigate MongoDB Query Performance | Studio 3T
MongoDB Tutorial Series | How to Investigate MongoDB Query Performance - Added March 31, 2018 at 03:27PM
12 days ago by xenocid
MongoDB Stitch - Serverless platform from MongoDB | MongoDB
Build better apps, faster with MongoDB Stitch Services. Stich QueryAnywhere exposes the full power of working with documents in MongoDB and the MongoDB query language, directly from your web and mobile application frontend code. A powerful rules engine lets developers declare fine-grained security policies. Stitch Functions allows developers to run simple JavaScript functions in Stitch’s serverless environment, making it easy to create secure APIs or to build integrations with microservices and server-side logic. Enables integration with popular cloud services such as Twilio, enriching your apps with a single Stitch method call. Stitch Triggers provide real-time notifications that launch functions in response to changes in the database. The functions can make further database changes, push data to other places, or interact with users – such as through push notifications, text messages, or emails. Stitch Mobile Sync will automatically synchronize data between documents held locally in MongoDB Mobile and the backend database. MongoDB Mobile allows mobile developers to use the full power of MongoDB locally. Stitch Mobile Sync ensures that data is kept up to date across phones and all other clients in real time.
serverless  mongodb  database 
14 days ago by cspanring
Pricing | mLab Cloud MongoDB Hosting
Our free Sandbox plan provides a single database with 0.5 GB of storage on a shared database server process running on a shared virtual machine (VM). This plan is best for development and prototyping.
No expiration
Expert database support
Data browser
Free system-level backups
Free backup restores
Continuous monitoring, 24x7
0.5 GB
Monthly Price
mongodb  db  saas  free 
14 days ago by garcon

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