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Polymorphia - Very fast POJO codec for MongoDB
A very fast POJO codec for MongoDB (used in conjunction with the Mongo Java Driver) that handles generic types as well as polymorphic class hierarchies.
MongoDB  Java  ORM  mapping  opensource 
6 hours ago by liqweed
New RESTheart 4 Announced – Network Society Lab
New RESTheart 4 by allows connecting MongoDB to front ends with no coding! …
MongoDB  nosql  webdev  devtools  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by davidorban
Ton of product announcements at World. If you want to get the skinny on all of them, download at our Guide…
MongoDB  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by aratob
A Plan to Stop Breaches With Dead Simple Database Encryption | WIRED
So the idea of field level E2E encryption for MongoDB gains legs, but I think the MongoDB security horse has already left the barn?
MongoDb  e2e  field  level  encryption  computer  science  research  technology 
7 days ago by asteroza
Nice summary of the announcements today - from Atlas Data Lake - querying of data of any struc…
MongoDB  serverless  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by aratob

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