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rueckstiess/mtools: A collection of scripts to set up MongoDB test environments and parse and visualize MongoDB log files.
A collection of scripts to set up MongoDB test environments and parse and visualize MongoDB log files. - rueckstiess/mtools
mongo  tools  logging  cli 
4 days ago by chlopakrzeznika
Optimizing Read Access to Sharded MongoDB Collections utilizing Apache Kafka Connect
Kafka Connect Sink Connector Setup. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
mongo  kafka  streaming  data 
9 days ago by bobzoller
RT : Here my example. I'm discovering the framework. I've just added security.…
kotlin  mongo  from twitter
8 weeks ago by ZacharyAKlein
db.collection.deleteMany() — MongoDB Manual
db.orders.deleteMany( { "client" : "Crude Traders Inc." } );
mongo  deleteMany  javascript  robo3t 
10 weeks ago by josephishak
NoSQL: Building Your First Application & Connecting To MongoDB | Code Wall
For my upcoming jbath project. I'll probably use mongodb, because why not.
mongo  javascript  node.js 
10 weeks ago by thany

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