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Why Freelancing Creates Anxiety About Money
The time-is-money mind-set is hard to escape.

When you reduce everything to an economic curve you, yourself, will always lose.
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2 days ago by po
Data Monetization for Publishers | Passive Income for App and Web Data
Data monetization for publishers helps app, extension, and web publishers create a new revenue stream. Find out how to participate.
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21 days ago by kpieper876
Flexible Sampling general guidance - Search Console Help
"There are two types of sampling we advise: metering, which provides users with a quota of free articles to consume, after which paywalls will start appearing; and lead-in, which offers a portion of an article’s content without it being shown in full."
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4 weeks ago by yencarnacion
Matthew Ball on Twitter: "Yeah this seems pretty unlikely given US podcasting revenue was ~$315MM in 2017 (or around $500MM+ in 2018), among other things. But he is no doubt doing very well and that's awesome for everyone…"
Yeah this seems pretty unlikely given US podcasting revenue was ~$315MM in 2017 (or around $500MM+ in 2018), among other things.

But he is no doubt doing very well and that's awesome for everyone
monetization  podcasts 
6 weeks ago by ramitsethi

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