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8 weeks ago by neilscott
David Bowie: the man who made our world
Momus' obituary of David Bowie for the German edition of Rolling Stone
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january 2016 by grahams
Travelling around, my hobbies are quite simple. I... - Mrs Tsk *
"Travelling around, my hobbies are quite simple. I buy secondhand clothes and books, visit antiquities, look at contemporary art. What I’m seeking in all of those things, I think, is contact with — and sympathetic, symbiotic union with — some sort of otherness, something which stretches and extends me.

Contact with what’s strange and fresh reminds me of the early part of my life, in which everything was strange and fresh. It also gives me a kind of “immortal head”: exposing myself to real difference allows me to peek into other centuries, other cultures. I become huge and wise and full of time. Maybe I also enjoy the sensation of becoming more and more alien to the very culture of airports and jeans which makes my self-stretching possible.

Lately, however, I’ve been noticing how little art really extends and freshens me. What I mostly get from art shows is a filling-in of details in a picture I already know. Many shows in so-called “contemporary” spaces are in fact academic takes on 20th century modernism. Zoomings-in on the known.

The current show at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery, for instance, Possibilities of the Object, zooms in on Brazilian Tropicalia. At Tate Modern in London there’s Marlene Dumas, whose work I like but possibly know too well. It’s not that these artists don’t deserve their zooms, more that I don’t feel expanded enough. I get the same sense of cultural stagnation from these shows that I get from rock music: both seem mired in retro, overwhelmed by the achievements of the past, stuck in “repertory” or “academic” modes. Art seems to have become classical music, a sort of visual Classic FM.

Biennials and art student degree shows are the ideal places to escape this sense of endless retreads of the known. But the odd show in a major museum does surprise and delight me. At Moderna Museet in Stockholm, for instance — although the main “blockbuster” show of Louise Bourgeois, while good, falls into the “known” category — there’s a very good show downstairs of the work of Akram Zaatari, an artist from South Lebanon who investigates his home town of Saida with a careful and subdued archeological process.

I spent a lot of time with a film Zaatari had made in Saida’s souk, in which he got traders to look at old photos and identify shopkeepers and recall how their shops were. The videos I’ve posted here are of another piece, which looks at the bombing of a Saida school by the Israeli airforce in the early 1980s, and Zaatari’s documentation of it at the time, and the architect-pilot who refused and dumped his bombs at sea. This is the kind of art I travel to find, and it’s poignant to connect with Lebanon via Sweden. Suddenly the art textbook is snapped shut and we’re off somewhere fresh."
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april 2015 by robertogreco
There’s a storm in a teacup, a crisis in the art... - Mrs Tsk *
There’s a storm in a teacup, a crisis in the art world which might be more significant than it looks because it reflects a wider problem: the problem of the "declining middle", which is the problem of the disappearance of neutral middle-class ground between the precariat and the oligarchs. via Pocket
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october 2014 by neilscott
Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Momus "UnAmerica"
Momus created and discussed a music playlist, streamable on Spotify, for his novel UnAmerica at Largehearted Boy. Artists include Kraftwerk, ZZ Top, Francis Bebey, Benjamin Britten, Paul McCartney, AKB48, Rambling Syd Rumpo, and The Congos.
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may 2014 by largeheartedboy
Features - Honest Ulsterman
Darran Anderson: A lot of your work has involved putting disparate elements together, Weill-esque cabaret and synths for example, and often involves putting quite soulful music through apparently soulless technology. via Pocket
momus  interview 
april 2014 by neilscott
“Trusting to luck, everything is in your hand!... - Mrs Tsk *
“Trusting to luck, everything is in your hand! Bouncy, stay who you are! What’s up? I’m nothing, how are you?” It’s only to be expected that the English language should do some funny things on Japanese t-shirts. via Pocket
march 2014 by neilscott

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