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Pumped thermal grid storage with heat exchange: Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy: Vol 9, No 4
paper outlining a mixed molten salt/liquid air type thermal energy store similar to Google's Malta subsidiary design.
thermal  energy  storage  molten  salt  liquid  air  nitrogen  LN2 
12 weeks ago by asteroza
Malta Inc.
Molten salt heat storage, but antifreeze based liquid cold storage?
molten  salt  thermal  energy  storage  google 
december 2018 by asteroza
User Guide — molten 0.5.2 documentation
molten is a minimal, extensible, fast and productive framework for building HTTP APIs with Python.
python  http  molten 
october 2018 by jkeyes – Energy for all, at all times
appears to use an externally fired gas turbine for power production, but no indicator of how they heat it
molten  silicon  thermal  energy  storage 
june 2018 by asteroza
NACC-FIRES is predicated on cheap brick heated by resistance heaters, but I wonder if you could do something like this, where you use the induction furnace to melt the silicon, and bubble the air through somehow...
molten  silicon  thermal  energy  storage 
june 2018 by asteroza
Very high temperature (up to 1400C) molten silicon thermal energy storage. The kicker seems to be using concentrated solar power to melt, and a thermophotovoltaic system to recover power rather than a brayton cycle turbine using an intermediary fluid.
molten  silicon  thermal  energy  storage  concentrating  solar  thermophotovoltaic  TPV  power  generator 
june 2018 by asteroza
Fuel Cells Finally Find a Killer App: Carbon Capture - IEEE Spectrum
hrm, how hot is the CO2 exhaust? Can you get it to supercritical pressure/temperatures? There's that NETpower allam cycle demo that uses an oxyfuel gas turbine with similar inputs/outputs. The MCFC is more tolerant of inputs, but the allam cycle turbine might have better power output? What is you use a MCFC as a topping cycle replacement of an allam cycle combustor?
MCFC  molten  carbonate  fuelcell  carbon  capture  power  generator 
june 2018 by asteroza

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