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Soft Robotics Toolkit
The Soft Robotics Toolkit is a collection of shared resources to support the design, fabrication, modeling, and control of soft robotic devices.
robot  robotics  moldmaking  cnc  pneumatics 
december 2015 by robduarte
Protomold Injection Molding Service
Protomold offers fast and affordable parts based on supplied 3D CAD models using proprietary software and an unprecedented degree of automation.
manufacturing  build  prototyping  manufacture  moldmaking 
march 2015 by otlib
Steve Cooley Fine Art | Multiple Media … seriously!
i like this dude.. casting silicone for keypad for his electronic noisemaker thing, openscad, arduino, quartz composer. i should know this guy in real life.
artists  quartzcomposer  arduino  moldmaking  electronics  lasercutter 
february 2015 by robduarte
Create designs for boxes you can laser cut
diy  lasercutter  box  digitalfabrication  moldmaking 
january 2015 by robduarte
Freeman Supply's retail store (no quotes required)
moldmaking  casting  resin  silicone  plastic  freeman  store  fablab  modela 
october 2014 by robduarte
MiaPoxy - Adhesives & Repair Materials
Adhesives & Repair Materials - Freeman's retail store with prices instead of quotes
casting  moldmaking  resin  polyurethane  silicone  freeman 
september 2014 by robduarte
How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute
I call it Oogoo, an inexpensive silicone clay that is easily made. It can be used as an excellent substitute for Sugru. It can be hand molded or cast ...
sugru  hack  plastic  casting  moldmaking 
august 2014 by robduarte

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